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Sunday, December 11, 2011 I made it wrong..

Hello everyone again,

Second Blog of the day..

After watching
I thought... hmmm.. Maybe I should used my refrigerated rice into fried rice.

LOL... it turned out that I made it wrong. I didn't cook the ketchup into the fried rice and squirted the ketchup on top of my rice.

I didn't follow Runnyrunny's recipe. Instead, I've used Garlic, sesame seeds, sesame oil, soy sauce black pepper, sardine powder, fresh mushroom, onion and frozen vegetables. And a Fried Egg on top with ketchup.

Anyways, this is what my so called Omurice looks like...

Christmas Extravaganza

Hello everyone!

There was a Christmas party today at one of the doctor's place. Megan and Lindsay made so many sweets! It was great! Lindsay was so sweet to give me a platter of desserts to take home. Scroll down to see it.

I came in late to the party but I brought a bowl of white rice and Korean BBQ. I felt so bad because I should have brought more food.

I think I put too much toasted Sesame seeds.... ^.^
And of course, the Close up Shots...

My bowl of rice

My take home platter! o^.^o
Thank you Dr. Sit!!!
I haven't gotten a chance to try them out, but they are ALL good! I never tried the ginger cake thing but that was really good. It had a nice re-freshing taste from the ginger. I've always liked Ginger.
The peanut butter cookie with the Hersey kiss was great! I also had a chance to try out the cake with the frosting on top. It was pretty much white cake with this fragrant, almondy frosting on top. I also like almonds!

Late Entry: Cultural Food Festival Summer 2009

Hi Guys,

I'm getting too lazy now.
I realized that I got some serious catching up to do with my blog. I think I posted all of my photos on FB before I started this blog and then I took them down.

There was this Cultural Food Festival in Harbour Shore in Downtown. I pigged with with Holly.

Fried bread! This was the first time I was physically exposed to fried bread. I had always wanted to try some after watching the movie, "Smoke Signals" in Grade 9. My teacher, Mr. Mathai, the best grade 9 teacher in the world wanted to expose some First Nations culture to the kids because he felt this was important since there is little in Toronto. It was a good movie to watch.

I liked my fried bread plain. ^.^

Super Kid Ice Cream is the best. This was Nestle Brand if my memory is correct. Has anyone tried Laura Secord's Super Kid Ice cream? It tastes so processed but it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Churros were pretty good too. Its pretty much a deep fried donut. There was a fact sheet in front of the stand. I can't recall exactly which culture it was from but it said somewhere along the lines, Sheppards eat Churros all the time. They go up to the mountains and they only had open fire to cook with. So they would make theses Churros with all these lovely toppings ^.^. The man behind the stand was like "Would you like Icing Sugar or Chocolate?" I was like, "BOTH PLEASE!" There was a more fancier but of course more expensive churros they sold in the stand. I wasn't able to afford it but they made the churros in a way that was hallow in the inside. They stuffed it with chocolate... or was it cream?

Late Entry: Rainbow Sushi

Rainbow Sushi is one of my favourite Sushi restaurants. They have a buffet menu and a la carte menu. What is memorable about this place was the salmon bellied that was fried. It tastes like happiness to those who are fish lovers. Unfortunately, I did not take a lot of photos but I will when I return to Toronto. I will snap lots of shots, I promise :D

Why did I only take a photo of miso soup? This is highly unlike me. I usually take several photos. I must have been sick that day or something. lol.

Ramune! Japanese Soda with a glass marble in it. You have to drop the marble to create a hole in the spout to drink. Its kinda hard to explain.

I purchased two pairs of chopsticks for my boyfriend.

This place is a few blocks from John's place. It is one of the well known Phillipino restaurants in Toronto. This place is always busy. When I was there, Everyone was staring at me and John. Me and this random other Caucasian man was the only minority there. Then the owner (who was Vietnamese) approached me herself and asked me if I was Korean. Then Random staff members started speaking to me in Korean, it was funny.

Ah, my favourite! Halo halo! My culture has a dessert that is pretty similar to this. Halo Halo is pretty much Ice cream, red beans, white beans, jelly, coconut, purple yam, milk, condensed milk, shaved ice, kidney beans, chick peas, tapioca and macapuno strings (like coconut).

Late Entry: RIP:Deep Blue Fish & Chips

OMG! I'm in such disbelief! I was googling the address to this place and on it states that this place closed. This is so sad.

They had great Fish and Chips! I went to visit this place in 2009. I recall when I went to use their washroom, their lights of their washroom was not working as well as the entrance door to their washroom. Now I have to go look for another place to eat Fish and Chips in Toronto... *Sigh* They had great mushy peas which I would miss greatly!

I ordered the Traditional English Style Battered Halibut with Green Pea Hummus . It was excellent! ^.^

LOL! My boyfriend's fish looks weird but it tasted great! John had the Cajun Corn Battered Haddock with Fries.

This is where the restaurant used to be at.

749 Broadview Ave
Toronto, ON M4K 2P6
Neighbourhood: Riverdale

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Late Entry: Kenzo Ramen and Tea Shop 168

Hello everyone,

I was cleaning out my hard drive and I have noticed some really old food photos which I have not blogged about.

This was in 2009. I had blogged about Kenzo Ramen's Original store which is located on Steeles and Yonge. Click on the link below if interested.

John's friends were hanging out in Kenzo Ramen in Downtown where Dundas is. They recently opened a second resturant there.

Enjoy the Photos!

Their Menu....
So much Ramen ^.^

Cutting board with a stick.. lol it has their logo on it. I have no idea what it is. I should ask next time.

I have no idea what this says. However I can tell you a bit about the Japanese mask . I'm not an expert in Japanese Culture but someone told me there is a day in their calendar where they celebrate sex & fertility. Yes, Sex! And the long nose represents a penis. People parade down the streets with this mask and all sort of things. If you don't believe me, click here:

Big Penis Festival in Japan called Honen Matsuri celebrates sex and fertility

and here

Can't read this..

Onigiris are pretty much rice balls for those who don't know. This triangle type is wrapped in seaweed. They are so awesome. In the Korean Market, they generally used to sell 3 flavours: Tuna-Mayo with sesame, Korean BBQ-Kimchi and I think Korean BBQ. One time, I went to Japan town and I saw some Onigiri with umeboshi which is a pickled plum. I wanted to try it out but some Japanese man grabbed the last 3 and purchased it. Next time I go to Toronto, I definately need to return to Japan-Town for Onigiris and they got wonderful Chocolate Turtles in their Bakery section.

Good know to the Expiry date ^.^
They got numbers on it so you know how to peel off the plastic in such a way that the seaweed remains intact with the ball of rice.

One of my friends purchased this one. If my memory was correct it didn't have a filling in the middle.

Onigiri Star! ^.^

Naruto is that white circle with the pink spiral in the middle. Its fish cake.

Omg.. I'm so hungry !

Takoyaki! Its pretty much sea urchants like a piece of shrimp,squid, octopus in the middle of a battered ball. On top are the toppings, Japanese Mayo, some gree stuff and Bonito (fish) flakes. This dish is pretty cool to look at when it arrives to your table because the heat from the balls makes the bonito flakes move like butterflies flapping their wings. Becareful! This shit can burn your mouth because comes straight out of the grilling mold that shapes it into a ball!

Never again am I having these crappy desserts! It tasted horrible! It was pretty much frozen cream on a plate.

Bubble tea!
White = ?
Orange = Mango
Pink =Strawberry
Reddish - Pink = Watermelon
Grey Purple = Taro
White again??? Hmm.. Mystery flavour.

Hot Waffles with fruit & Ice cream! ^.^ Lovely presentation!

This tea shop 168 was great! I always go there. I would reccomend everyone to visit location or the one near North York Station. It is clean, its not desserted and they got some games in their store you can play while eating or drinking.