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Monday, January 31, 2011

I like Eggs and Ham (Veggie) + Lagostina frying pan

My hunt for a Lagostina frying pan all started when my friend Jeff had made me a waffle breakfast. I ended up making eggs at his place. He had a Lagostina Wok which was excellent. I'm not good at folding eggs into the perfect looking omelets. I learned that it does matter what type and quality pans you use. I knew my local WINNERS store sells Lagostina pots and pans but the frying pans weren't in until last week. So I knew it was meant to be and had to purchase a Lagostina non-stick frying pan. I purchased one for $25.

When I went home, I experimented in my kitchen. The frying pan was quite heavy. I didn't like that but I'm just going to be positive and hope it will last me for 2-3 years.

I made a tomato and egg omelet. I put too much tomatoes (I love tomatoes) and it kinda got a bit watery.

Far away shot of my breakfast
Zoomed it food...
Ah, nothing is like a Korean breakfast without rice and soup. I don't know why Korean have Rice and soup for breakfast but it sure is energizing.
Korean Miso Soup Zoomed in. I love fermented soy beans!


Phõ 88 On Yonge Street

Hello everyone,

I had Pho last week and it was pretty good at Pho 88. I totally recommend skating first at Mel Lastman Square to build up a great appetite. Lols, me and skating....

The Condiments

Deep Fried Spring Rolls came out fresh and hot. I think I went home with burns in my oral mucosa membranes. It was so good I didn't feel the pain. Just kept on munching.

A close up shot of the spring roll...

A uber close up of the Spring roll...

The other Spring Roll.

One of these are vegetarian Spring Rolls. I cannot remember which one had the meat.

Mango Salad was so juicy and sweet! I can have this for breakfast everyday!

I wish I had more cashew nuts.

Chicken Skewers with a green pepper on the ends. It was pretty good.

My Well-done Beef Pho :D

My camera is getting all fogged up as you can see. But it add that magical touch to my Pho.
I'm sure Anthony Bourdain would like to fly back to Vietnam when he sees this.

I needed two plates of sprouts, basil leaves and lemon.
I like my pho with extra lemon. The waitress was a bit cheap on the lemon as you can see. That's like half a slice of lemon.

John's Pho Close up.

Vietnamese Coffee! The cold version is better. It was so bitter, I had to ask
for more condensed milk.

Coffee Filter Filtering my Coffee :D

I don't really drink coffee. Usually only for educational purposes but I haven't had coffee for
a while now. Its been a few months!

Ice for our coffee

My cream, weak, a bit sweet Vietnamese coffee.

I would rate my experience 3.0/5.0. It is a good place to hang out. There are those cubical lounges with leather cushions. Customer Service was good. If they can keep the tea lint-free and the restaurant smelling clean, it would have earned a 3.5/5.0.

For more information about Phõ 88:

5197 Yonge Street
(416) 225-8899

If you're taking the TTC, its right across from North York Centre or Mel Lastman Square,
assuming you're Facing Wendy's walk a bit to the left, cross the street and you should be
walking past Loblaws, Panzeratto Pizza and soon in enough walk past Tea Shop 168.
Pho 88 is only 2 stores away there.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Filipino Foods: Pancit and learning how to wrap Lumpias

Hello everyone!

Last week, I watched a friend making Filipino Foods. My friend Jeff, taught me how to fold Lumpias. On my first 5 attempts folding Lumpias, I failed miserably. The results were ugly.

Jeff taught me a trick to squeeze out all the air before rolling the lumpia. Holy Shit! It actually worked! My lumpias were so ugly and the vegetables were coming out and now problem is solved!

This is a video of Jeff folding his Lumpias:

My friend was frying tofu to put on the pancit.
Stir-Fry for the... if you guessed Lumpia and Pancit, you are correct!
A close-up shot of the veggies.
Puto, Rice cake. I've tried puto before at my workplace and it wasn't really sweet. These Putos were very sweet to me. I learned that Korean Rice Cakes are not sweet at all or slightly sweet comparing to the Philipino Rice cakes. The Koreans use the not so sweet rice cakes in soups or as Dok-Buki, a spicy rice cake dish which I will make next month. :D
My friend's fruit bowl. Her lemons were soo hard!
Fresh Veggie Spring Rolls. They were soo good! :D
Veggie Lumpias
A lone Lumpia cooking.
I'm trying to learn how to roll a lumpia.
The Lumpia was pretty good! That's Jeff in the background. He's my tomodachi and lumpia sensei ! LOL! :D

Veggie and Dip

Fruit Bowl

2-Bite brownie

The secret ingredient to Philipino foods!

Casava Cake. I unfortunately didn't have a chance to taste it. I was too full from the food and drinks.

Lumpia, Pyramid!
Chicken Wings. It was accidentally burnt but Jape loved it!

We were looking for the Big Bang Theory on Telamundo and we stumbled across Batman porn. Weird. I mean what is Batman Porn? Its like Batman is chasing a jewellery robber down the street. Batman grabs the robber's mask off and he discovers its a female robber and they fall in love? Or Wonder woman finally confesses her true feelings how she feels about Batman. Lol, I'm just trying to be creative.

Heart Ice Cubes!

I just want to say thank you to the host and cook for that day. Next time I come over, I will bring Korean BBQ, the way how my dad makes it. :D