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Saturday, January 8, 2011

3 Brewers

3 Brewers

On Friday January 7, 2011, after skating my boyfriend and his friends were famish after skating at Harbour Front. Don't go there unless you like loud music and bumpy ice to skate on. When the Glacing machine (Zamboni) came to melt and smooth out the ice, the ice was so beat up it really needed a 2nd round of glacing.

Anyways, The 3 Brewers were located Dundas & Yonge. Its pretty much next to Hard Rock Cafe.
When we entered, some Asian guy was so buzzed, he was dancing to the music (Clubbing style music). While we waited for a table, we ate free peanuts. They got these huge barrels of free peanuts on every floor.

The boys ordered 1 liter beers freshly brewed at the restaurant! They got all these pipes, machines, fermenting rooms and chutes. It was pretty interesting to look at.

Open-Face Sandwich Cal-Zone

Just to make it really clear, the burger comes with regular bland, plain ol' fries and not the beer batter fries. My friend was jipped and he was kinda upset about it. I swear to God, Beer Batter fries and beer battered onion rings with honey will change your life! Now I'm thinking, maybe I should dip my Korean Pizza in a beer batter? I'm sure my boyfriend will like that! ;P

Beer Battered Fries! The best fries I've ever had and I'm not a fan of beer.

Veggie Flammelueche was soo good and light! I had more room for Onion Rings and Fries! :D

Beer Battered Onion Rings!! With Honey as a dip. There was honey all over the elbows..I washed my arms and hands 5 times! But it was worth it!

The menu at the moment....

Red Wine Martini. It was my first time having this type of drink. I didn't like it very much. It was too strong. The waitress, was so nice. She re-made my drink with 4 cherries and some sprite in it.

The Best Strawberry Margarita! I couldn't taste the alcohol! Who knows maybe there was little to no alcohol in it. Maybe I was too tipsy that night?

Flat Screen which play cool music videos we never heard of. Too bad we were too tipsy to write the name of this lego man song. It was weird but cool.

Free Peanuts!

Overall, I rate this bar, 4.5/5.0. It was one of the best bars I've been too. But then, again.. I don't go to a lot of bars.

Address: 275 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M5B

Phone: (647) 347-6286

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