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Monday, January 31, 2011

I like Eggs and Ham (Veggie) + Lagostina frying pan

My hunt for a Lagostina frying pan all started when my friend Jeff had made me a waffle breakfast. I ended up making eggs at his place. He had a Lagostina Wok which was excellent. I'm not good at folding eggs into the perfect looking omelets. I learned that it does matter what type and quality pans you use. I knew my local WINNERS store sells Lagostina pots and pans but the frying pans weren't in until last week. So I knew it was meant to be and had to purchase a Lagostina non-stick frying pan. I purchased one for $25.

When I went home, I experimented in my kitchen. The frying pan was quite heavy. I didn't like that but I'm just going to be positive and hope it will last me for 2-3 years.

I made a tomato and egg omelet. I put too much tomatoes (I love tomatoes) and it kinda got a bit watery.

Far away shot of my breakfast
Zoomed it food...
Ah, nothing is like a Korean breakfast without rice and soup. I don't know why Korean have Rice and soup for breakfast but it sure is energizing.
Korean Miso Soup Zoomed in. I love fermented soy beans!


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