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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My first time making Sinigang

Ahh, Sinigang...

My ultimate favourite Phillipino Food. Specifically Grouper Fish Sinigang! :D
Its soo good, I don't want to go to heaven if they don't serve Sinigang with Grouper Fish up there.

So our adventure began in my boyfriend's kitchen. We were washing and chopping the vegetables. I got a bit greedy with the vegetables. There were so much chopped veggies, my boyfriend and I ended up making two huge pots of soup. One huge wok and one pot. We used okras, eggplants, tomatoes (I love lots of these in the soup! :D), string beans (we were suppose to use the short kinds :( ) and mustard leaves. My boyfriend and I debated about the mustard leaves. I won and we chopped the mustards leaves into thirds and tossed them into the boiling pot. I also debated putting some garlic in the soup. He said authentically, there is no garlic in sinigang.

Here are the photos in reverse order from my personal bowl of Sinigang to the stage where the sinigang is boiling in the wok.

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