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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Paramount Fine Foods Restaurant

On Sunday Jan. 16, I went to Paramount Fine Foods. The food came out fast and hot! :D
I ordered Veggie Pizza and Foul. I first saw Foul it on YouTube

Anthony Bourdain : No Reservations - Egyptian Breakfast

It looked so good!!!

Mango Drink

Strawberry Drink

The Falafels were soo good!!!

A close-up shot of the fresh, pipin' hot falafel :D

My Foul! I will be honest with you, It wasn't what I had expected. After watching a couple of YouTube clips on how to make foul, I really did expect Tomatoes in my foul. Even without tomatoes, the foul was good. It was a bit bland so I had foul with olives and pickled radishes as you will see below.

Fresh & Picked Vegetables

Close up shot of Foul (pronounced as "Fool"). Samir taught me how to eat foul properly. He instructed me to take a piece of bread and grab the foul with the bread in your hands.

My veggie Pizza ;P

As you expected, a close up shot of my pizza

I can't remember what this is called, but I call it the balloon bread. It was this fresh, hot, hollow bread. I loved it! I reminded me of Naan. When Samir poked a hole, there was steam coming out of the bread.

Luis's Face VS. Ballon Bread. Which one is bigger?

John's Meal. I think it was like Chicken, and beef?

Luis is unwrapping wrap. Samir told him it wasn't suppose to be unwrapped like that. I can't remember what Samir said exactly but one end of the wrap is suppose to be eaten first.

The Wrap

This was Samir's meal. I think it was Grilled Chicken

Glistening Chicken

In the end, that Foul hit me rock bottom. I was pretty full. It was probably the olive oil in the foul.
I rate this resturant 3.5/5.0.
My only complaint was it was challenging getting the waitress's attention. But I would definitely return to this resturant. The meals tasted pretty healthy and light.

Thanks Samir for showing me this place and sending me the photos from your Blackberry! :D

For more information:

Paramount Fine Foods
253 Yonge St. (at Dundas)

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