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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Filipino Foods: Pancit and learning how to wrap Lumpias

Hello everyone!

Last week, I watched a friend making Filipino Foods. My friend Jeff, taught me how to fold Lumpias. On my first 5 attempts folding Lumpias, I failed miserably. The results were ugly.

Jeff taught me a trick to squeeze out all the air before rolling the lumpia. Holy Shit! It actually worked! My lumpias were so ugly and the vegetables were coming out and now problem is solved!

This is a video of Jeff folding his Lumpias:

My friend was frying tofu to put on the pancit.
Stir-Fry for the... if you guessed Lumpia and Pancit, you are correct!
A close-up shot of the veggies.
Puto, Rice cake. I've tried puto before at my workplace and it wasn't really sweet. These Putos were very sweet to me. I learned that Korean Rice Cakes are not sweet at all or slightly sweet comparing to the Philipino Rice cakes. The Koreans use the not so sweet rice cakes in soups or as Dok-Buki, a spicy rice cake dish which I will make next month. :D
My friend's fruit bowl. Her lemons were soo hard!
Fresh Veggie Spring Rolls. They were soo good! :D
Veggie Lumpias
A lone Lumpia cooking.
I'm trying to learn how to roll a lumpia.
The Lumpia was pretty good! That's Jeff in the background. He's my tomodachi and lumpia sensei ! LOL! :D

Veggie and Dip

Fruit Bowl

2-Bite brownie

The secret ingredient to Philipino foods!

Casava Cake. I unfortunately didn't have a chance to taste it. I was too full from the food and drinks.

Lumpia, Pyramid!
Chicken Wings. It was accidentally burnt but Jape loved it!

We were looking for the Big Bang Theory on Telamundo and we stumbled across Batman porn. Weird. I mean what is Batman Porn? Its like Batman is chasing a jewellery robber down the street. Batman grabs the robber's mask off and he discovers its a female robber and they fall in love? Or Wonder woman finally confesses her true feelings how she feels about Batman. Lol, I'm just trying to be creative.

Heart Ice Cubes!

I just want to say thank you to the host and cook for that day. Next time I come over, I will bring Korean BBQ, the way how my dad makes it. :D

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