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Monday, January 31, 2011

Phõ 88 On Yonge Street

Hello everyone,

I had Pho last week and it was pretty good at Pho 88. I totally recommend skating first at Mel Lastman Square to build up a great appetite. Lols, me and skating....

The Condiments

Deep Fried Spring Rolls came out fresh and hot. I think I went home with burns in my oral mucosa membranes. It was so good I didn't feel the pain. Just kept on munching.

A close up shot of the spring roll...

A uber close up of the Spring roll...

The other Spring Roll.

One of these are vegetarian Spring Rolls. I cannot remember which one had the meat.

Mango Salad was so juicy and sweet! I can have this for breakfast everyday!

I wish I had more cashew nuts.

Chicken Skewers with a green pepper on the ends. It was pretty good.

My Well-done Beef Pho :D

My camera is getting all fogged up as you can see. But it add that magical touch to my Pho.
I'm sure Anthony Bourdain would like to fly back to Vietnam when he sees this.

I needed two plates of sprouts, basil leaves and lemon.
I like my pho with extra lemon. The waitress was a bit cheap on the lemon as you can see. That's like half a slice of lemon.

John's Pho Close up.

Vietnamese Coffee! The cold version is better. It was so bitter, I had to ask
for more condensed milk.

Coffee Filter Filtering my Coffee :D

I don't really drink coffee. Usually only for educational purposes but I haven't had coffee for
a while now. Its been a few months!

Ice for our coffee

My cream, weak, a bit sweet Vietnamese coffee.

I would rate my experience 3.0/5.0. It is a good place to hang out. There are those cubical lounges with leather cushions. Customer Service was good. If they can keep the tea lint-free and the restaurant smelling clean, it would have earned a 3.5/5.0.

For more information about Phõ 88:

5197 Yonge Street
(416) 225-8899

If you're taking the TTC, its right across from North York Centre or Mel Lastman Square,
assuming you're Facing Wendy's walk a bit to the left, cross the street and you should be
walking past Loblaws, Panzeratto Pizza and soon in enough walk past Tea Shop 168.
Pho 88 is only 2 stores away there.

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