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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dduk Buki (Spicy Rice Cakes) and Mushroom Risotto

Hello everyone!

Last night, I made Dduk Buki (Spicy Rice Cakes). You can have access to rice cakes to pretty much any Korean supermarket which are near Steeles & Yonge, Yonge & Finch and near Christie station.

I like to freeze my rice cakes because they rapidly go bad. What I usually do is fill up a huge metal bowl with hot water and submerge the frozen rice cakes so they are easier to rip and absorb water. If I have Soy bean soup, I used it as the main broth for the sauce of this dish. The anchovies that are grounded up makes pretty much anything tasty! :D

So I boiled onions and carrots first, then added a large amount of freshly minced garlic (I think Italians would love whatever I make because I always double the garlic in my dishes.) and some anchovy powder. Then I added red pepper paste a very dense one. I took 2-3 tablespoons of red pepper paste from home and it felt like this paste weighted about 1 pound in my bag. I sprinkled red pepper flakes, fish cakes, chopped mushrooms and chopped green onion in the end. I usually put honey and unsalted peanuts but unfortunately, I didn't have peanuts. Recently, after I read the book, "Skinny Bitch", I have been using Agave syrup after learning its health benefits. It has a lower glycemic index than sugar, and maple syrup and it has some Vitamin C in it. It tastes similar to honey. It depends on the cook how sweet and spicy you want to make it so there is no recipe carved out in stone. I guess my parents have fused some Korean cooking values into me. Koreans don't like sweet stuff. They don't like their sweets too sweet that is why Korean cakes are considered very light and not sweet and Metro supermarket Cakes. So I when I cook, I like to add honey or agave to lift the saltiness a little bit or balence out the saltiness. Oooh! I need to blog about my favourite bakery store... Once I have money to do that... :( I want green tea cake!

I like to add a modern twist by adding peanuts. Peanuts have this natural sweet, creamy taste that can lighten the flavour of dishes. I saw how pad thai has peanuts so I tried to added unsalted peanuts to dduk buki and it was sooo good and super filling!

John made this dish for his friend Arnold. And Arnold had described it was "pasta that's very filling".

John made me Mushroom Risotto! :D It was really good! It was a bit too salty but the brocoli was boiled and not salted so it balanced the taste.

My bowl of Risotto....

John's Bowl of Risotto

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Korean Soy Bean Sprout Soup

Hello everyone!
Today, I made a big pot of Korean Soy Bean Sprout Soup. Its pretty simple to make. Its based on a white onion and anchovy broth. I just added minced ginger to freshen up the taste. Minced Garlic, sea salt, black pepper to add a kick to your mouth, green onions and soy bean spouts. I actually needed some red pepper flakes but did not have any at the moment so I proceeded without any.

This soup goes with Rice but then again... which Korean soup doesn't go with rice? They all do. ;P

Inspired by Cooking Master Boy - "Golden Fried Rice" Episode 1

Hello everyone!

2 days ago, I was inspired by Cooking Master Boy (Episode 1) when he cooked Golden Fried Rice for General Lee. Unfortunately , the one I created was a flop. :(
I made some alterations and threw in some vegetables into the Golden Fried Rice.

This is some screencaps of the actual anime/cartoon to give you guys an idea of what the fried rice was like :

Yes! It was so gold that it was blindingly bright! :D

I sprinkled a lot of garlic powder.

I can see many places where I went wrong.

1. I took out too many egg yolks. My Golden Fried Rice wasn't so golden as it should be. I don't like to eat a lot of egg yolks because its pretty much cholesterol. Your body makes 90% of the cholesterol required by your body. I'll get my vitamins, minerals and my 8 essential amino acids somewhere else.

According to , it is actually quite the contrary to what I did. Add the yolks and discard the whites!

2. I added the rice too soon! I should have allowed the eggs to be cooked a bit more.

3. Don't use sticky rice. It was sooo hard to stir in the wok. My hands were bruised up nice and purple after. I swear to God, this dish was the most hardest thing I've done! Physically!!!

4. Don't add the quinoa or add it at the end as garnish.

5. Half - fry the vegetables if adding them. I was just curious and I steamed an onion and some carrots to see how they would be like in fried rice. I think the fried rice got too wet from the water from the steamed vegetables. Reflecting on this, I think I should lightly steam it and then fry the vegetables to maintain their firm texture and maintain their fluid retention.

6. I don't even know what I did to create this issue but I used a significantly large amount of soy sauce into the rice. I just kept on pouring, mixing and tasting the rice and my rice was tasteless. I used approximately half of a small/regular Kikkoman Soy Sauce glass dispensers. Perhaps I should have added the soy sauce in the end or used plain salt. Perhaps it was the rice how they were all coated in a layer of egg which just kept on absorbing the soy sauce. I'm baffled with this issue. Any suggestions?

My boyfriend laughed at me. He said there is no such thing as a Golden Fried Rice. Well, John?
Sure Golden Fried Rice do exist!

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vera's Kitchen

Hello everyone!
Today, I will be blogging about a random trip to Vera's Kitchen on Yonge and Eglington.
It appeared to be a resturant known for their take-outs. Most of their customers appeared to be regular customers or just they just wanted to eat somewhere else.

Sorry, I uploaded the menu in reverse order:

Yes! Strawberries and Cream Crepes = Crepe A la Sexy! :D LOL!

My boyfriend had herbed angel hair pasta with beef stew. Both dishes were good.

I tried to get a better snapshot. Sorry about the quality of the photos. The camera on HTC phones aren't high quality as the Blackberrys' camera as you can see.

Vegetarian Chilli

Cabbage Roll with basmati Rice and ground beef. I need to write a blog about Cabbage Rolls when I make it at home. :D
I used to have an Ukrainian friend in high school. I had my first encounter of the Cabbage Roll at her place. I was reluctant to try it due to its appearance but she kept on encouraging me to take a bite. Her mother's cabbage roll was like this tomatoey, beefy, ricey, juicy sensation rushing into my palate. It was the best!

Pierogies with hair in it. It was pretty much embedded on to the skin of the Pierogy and I wasn't too sure if it was an eyelash/eyebrow hair, nose hair or ear hair.

Our total for 3 combos+1 Orangina after tax was about $40. My boyfriend and I were horrified at the price of the meal. It was an okay meal but we both agreed it wasn't worth $40.

Overall, I would rate my experience at Vera's Kitchen 2.0/5.0. Vera and her staff were very friendly and the food was tasty. However their food was visibly unclean and I felt the price of the food was not worth it.

For more information about Vera's Kitchen:

  • 90 Eglinton Ave E
  • Toronto, ON, M4P2Y3
  • (416) 482-2878

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Korean Homemade Foods:Pull noodles (Soo Jae Bi) in vegetable soup

My boyfriend came over and my mother cooked a huge pot of pulled whole wheat noodles by hand and boiled it over an anchovy and onion broth. It is usually made with white flour but because my mother is a health conscious person, she uses whole wheat. I am unsure about the other Koreans (who are vegetarian) but my mother and her side of the family tends to use the anchovy-onion broth to cook pretty much most of the Korean soups.

Anyways, the soup can be enhanced with freshly crack corn pepper and if you like spicy or just want a kick to your mouth, add red pepper paste or anything spicy you can find and mix it into the soup.

The hand pulled noodles have this chewy texture. Its not chewy as a marshmallow but like a thick noodle. Actually, that's exactly what it is. A flatten out thick noodle. The whole wheat adds this wheaty, nutty taste to it which I like.