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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Inspired by Cooking Master Boy - "Golden Fried Rice" Episode 1

Hello everyone!

2 days ago, I was inspired by Cooking Master Boy (Episode 1) when he cooked Golden Fried Rice for General Lee. Unfortunately , the one I created was a flop. :(
I made some alterations and threw in some vegetables into the Golden Fried Rice.

This is some screencaps of the actual anime/cartoon to give you guys an idea of what the fried rice was like :

Yes! It was so gold that it was blindingly bright! :D

I sprinkled a lot of garlic powder.

I can see many places where I went wrong.

1. I took out too many egg yolks. My Golden Fried Rice wasn't so golden as it should be. I don't like to eat a lot of egg yolks because its pretty much cholesterol. Your body makes 90% of the cholesterol required by your body. I'll get my vitamins, minerals and my 8 essential amino acids somewhere else.

According to , it is actually quite the contrary to what I did. Add the yolks and discard the whites!

2. I added the rice too soon! I should have allowed the eggs to be cooked a bit more.

3. Don't use sticky rice. It was sooo hard to stir in the wok. My hands were bruised up nice and purple after. I swear to God, this dish was the most hardest thing I've done! Physically!!!

4. Don't add the quinoa or add it at the end as garnish.

5. Half - fry the vegetables if adding them. I was just curious and I steamed an onion and some carrots to see how they would be like in fried rice. I think the fried rice got too wet from the water from the steamed vegetables. Reflecting on this, I think I should lightly steam it and then fry the vegetables to maintain their firm texture and maintain their fluid retention.

6. I don't even know what I did to create this issue but I used a significantly large amount of soy sauce into the rice. I just kept on pouring, mixing and tasting the rice and my rice was tasteless. I used approximately half of a small/regular Kikkoman Soy Sauce glass dispensers. Perhaps I should have added the soy sauce in the end or used plain salt. Perhaps it was the rice how they were all coated in a layer of egg which just kept on absorbing the soy sauce. I'm baffled with this issue. Any suggestions?

My boyfriend laughed at me. He said there is no such thing as a Golden Fried Rice. Well, John?
Sure Golden Fried Rice do exist!

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