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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Korean Homemade Foods:Pull noodles (Soo Jae Bi) in vegetable soup

My boyfriend came over and my mother cooked a huge pot of pulled whole wheat noodles by hand and boiled it over an anchovy and onion broth. It is usually made with white flour but because my mother is a health conscious person, she uses whole wheat. I am unsure about the other Koreans (who are vegetarian) but my mother and her side of the family tends to use the anchovy-onion broth to cook pretty much most of the Korean soups.

Anyways, the soup can be enhanced with freshly crack corn pepper and if you like spicy or just want a kick to your mouth, add red pepper paste or anything spicy you can find and mix it into the soup.

The hand pulled noodles have this chewy texture. Its not chewy as a marshmallow but like a thick noodle. Actually, that's exactly what it is. A flatten out thick noodle. The whole wheat adds this wheaty, nutty taste to it which I like.

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