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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vera's Kitchen

Hello everyone!
Today, I will be blogging about a random trip to Vera's Kitchen on Yonge and Eglington.
It appeared to be a resturant known for their take-outs. Most of their customers appeared to be regular customers or just they just wanted to eat somewhere else.

Sorry, I uploaded the menu in reverse order:

Yes! Strawberries and Cream Crepes = Crepe A la Sexy! :D LOL!

My boyfriend had herbed angel hair pasta with beef stew. Both dishes were good.

I tried to get a better snapshot. Sorry about the quality of the photos. The camera on HTC phones aren't high quality as the Blackberrys' camera as you can see.

Vegetarian Chilli

Cabbage Roll with basmati Rice and ground beef. I need to write a blog about Cabbage Rolls when I make it at home. :D
I used to have an Ukrainian friend in high school. I had my first encounter of the Cabbage Roll at her place. I was reluctant to try it due to its appearance but she kept on encouraging me to take a bite. Her mother's cabbage roll was like this tomatoey, beefy, ricey, juicy sensation rushing into my palate. It was the best!

Pierogies with hair in it. It was pretty much embedded on to the skin of the Pierogy and I wasn't too sure if it was an eyelash/eyebrow hair, nose hair or ear hair.

Our total for 3 combos+1 Orangina after tax was about $40. My boyfriend and I were horrified at the price of the meal. It was an okay meal but we both agreed it wasn't worth $40.

Overall, I would rate my experience at Vera's Kitchen 2.0/5.0. Vera and her staff were very friendly and the food was tasty. However their food was visibly unclean and I felt the price of the food was not worth it.

For more information about Vera's Kitchen:

  • 90 Eglinton Ave E
  • Toronto, ON, M4P2Y3
  • (416) 482-2878

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