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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Avocado Shake

Hello everyone,

I made a nice, creamy avocado shake today! I used milk, agave syrup, condensed milk, 2 ice cubes and one whole avocado into my Magic Bullet.
It was great! I don't think I can get over this milk shake. :D

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Korean Glass Noodles

Hello everyone,

My boyfriend was craving for glass noodles. We were suppose to cook this dish together but we got occupied and weren't able to do so. What's weird was, on the next day my aunt cooked up a huge tupperware full of glass noodles. I guess.... it wasn't meant to be... to cook glass noodles that day...

Thank you Emo (An Aunt on your mother's side of the family in Korean)! You such a great cook! I love pretty much all of her cookings.

One day, I need to make this dish on my own.

I must warn you:

1. This dish or any Korean dishes like Bibim Bap with assorted vegetables require tremendous time and patience. I probably need to prepare the vegetables the night before. @.@

2. This dish is light and digests quickly so you will be hungry 2-3 hours later if you're only consuming this dish.

3. This dish goes bad fast. Consume it entirely the next day.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pho Ai My

Pho Ai My on Urbanspoon

Hello Everyone!

Today I have visited Pho Ai My in Chinatown. My boyfriend decided to give it a try at this place because the resturant appeared new and modern. Most of the staff were young, cheery and were willing to serve right away. The enviroment was modern, clean and bright. The staff were young and attentive.

The setup of the tables were brilliant. They had the spoons, chopsticks, forks, condiments and.......a Napkin stand all in the reach of an arm. I have realized that eating pho gets my mucus circulating and perspiring from the spiciness of the chilli peppers. I frequently had to go to the washroom or else I would be bugging the servers for napkins quite frequently. This had made me realize that the owner/manager had anticipated well what the customers needs are and catered to them quite well. Not all Pho resturant are fortunate to have napkin stands in each table.

I ordered the Large Pho with Brisket and Rare Beef for $6.00 and the Avocado Shake for $3.00. I was very satisfied and full! I need to learn how to make my own Avocado Shake this summer! The Avocado shake was super thick but it was good after I let it sit for about 10 minutes. The broth was rich, it was not too salty and observed the yummy bone marrow fat floating on the surface of the broth.

John ordered Chicken Wings which I had forgotten to take a photo of. Sorry! And some sort of beef ribs, with a sunny side up egg, fish sauce and rice.

They served French Bread here which I thought was interesting. John said it was probably those Vietnamese Sub Breads. Here are the section what types of food comes with a French Bread.

These seats were comfortable and the white chairs against the white wall brightened up the atmosphere although it was a rainy day today.

Cool art in the background.

My Avocado Shake!

A better close up shot of the drink.

John's meal

My camera lens kept on fogging up and I couldn't wait to eat.

A better shot of the Pho.
I rate my experience 4.0/5.0.
Customer Service was great!
Atmosphere was nice and clean!
Food was great!
Price of the food was cheap. :D

I would definitely return to this restaurant when I'm in Chinatown or Downtown.

For more information about Pho Ai My:

(416) 849-3631
Kensington Market/Chinatown
221 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, ON M5T

Yubu Cho Bap (유부초밥)

Hello everyone,

I have always wanted to learn how to make Yu Bu Cho Bap. They are absolutely wonderful! It is this sweet, glutinous dish that is wonderful for your lunch and bento boxes. My mother always used to make this for me for lunch when I was in my undergraduate studies. I swear to God, this was the lunch that always made my eyes lit up. It was always a joy to see this in my backpack because it is sort of expensive to purchase the tofu shell. I have noticed that the shell had gotten a lot smaller! We're getting jipped people! The price is the same but we're getting less tofu in the package.

Making this is easy but I think I need some practice. :(
You pretty much follow the instructions at the back of the package like instant ramen.

Vietnamese Delight: Don't go there!!!!

Catchup Blog #6

People, do not go to Vietnamese Delight. My personal experience was terrrible! One sip of the broth had my Na+ receptors in my brains screaming. It was very salty that day when I ordered Pho. The broth appeared to be pink-ish which was not too appealing to me.

I rate my experience here 1.5/5.0. The food itself wasn't impressive at all. There weren't a lot of meat. I paid about $6-7 for a medium Pho with 3-4 slices of beef? I think this is why I should be loyal to the Pho 88 just up the street. The food wasn't tasty. The server was really nice but I personally would not take anyone to this place for Pho.

Vietnamese Delight

(416) 229-4321

North York
5533 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M2N

Niagara Falls's: The Grand Buffet

Catchup Blog #5 is it?

Here are some of the photos that were taken at the Grand Buffet.

Cabbage Roll, lentil soup and creamy sweet potato soup. The cabbage roll wasn't that great. It was very sweet and the tomato sauce tasted artificial like.. Heinz tomato paste.... but what can I expect from a buffet, eh? I usually get the creamy sweet potato soup but it really hits the spot. You can really taste the butteriness and the cream in this soup.
Now I'm just randomly craving for cabbage rolls even though these ones weren't that great! Hmm.. Cabbage rolls stuffed with basmati rice, herbs and ground beef.
Lentil Soup was good. I like it because it was light and hearty.

Hmm, the sweet, potatoey creamy sweet potato soup! :D

White aged Chedder mac and cheese wasn't at its best that day. I recall it was better the first time I had this. I love Mac N Cheese!

Cherry Pie

Blueberry Pie
Blue Berry Panna Cotte was delightful as always. I think I had 3 of these!

I keep on forgetting that the Grand Buffet's Cheesecake should be avoided. I didn't like it. It tasted fake. That's all I can say about this cake.

A regular Panna Cotte!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Korean Cold Noodles

Catch Up Blog #4

It was a hot day so my mom made me and John Cold Noodles! It was quite refreshing and good. A warning about this Korean dish, this dish is quite healthy, light and your body digests with ease. You will be hungry 3 hours after consuming this dish.. just to let you know. This is great if you're on a diet or you're looking for foods that may help you loose weight.

This dish is pretty easy to make just by looking at the photos or by following instructions at the back of the package like instant ramen.

Cold Noodles are pretty much instant. You boil the arrowshoot noodles for a few minutes. Do not over cook them! And then you make the soup out of the stock which comes from the packages. Add the stock in a large metal bowl with cold water and ice cubes. Add red pepper paste. If you desire, you may add wasasbi (also comes in the package) and garlic powder. Stir well until the red pepper paste had dissolve.

Chop cucumber and slice a hard boiled and arrange it in the bowl of noodles however you like. Add the cold soup and you're done! You're ready to eat! :D

Hey, my bowl of noodles looks like a face! Do you see it?

Food from John's Birthday, Forum Bar, Rol San, 3 Brewers

Catch up Blog #4

My boyfriend had a birthday party which lasted 3 days long to ensure he had provided a fair chance to all his friends to attend.

Enjoy the food photos! :D

Forum Bar's Menu

Forum Bar Foods

Chicken gizzards... ahh. I have grown to like this dish. Initially, I didn't like this dish due to the texture. The flavour and texture improved after a couple of shots of Soju.

I noticed the Duk Buki had glass noodles in it. Cool!
We accidentally spilled beer into the Korean Spicy Rice cakes, Ddok Buki and it was a happy accident. It tasted soo good.. with beer! :D

Dried Snacks. Dried Squid with mayo and Soy Sauce is actually pretty good!

Forum Bar is in Korea town, near Christie Station.
I rate this bar, 3.0/5.0.

No information was found on Google.

Rol San, a dim sum resturant on Spadina. I have blogged before about this place! Go to for more information.

Deep fried tofu with Shrimp. It was good!

Turnip patties were awesome as always! You should try some :D

Egg Custard Buns. I haven't gotten a chance to try these but they looked good.

Tripe. It was ok but I didn't like the textures of the pilae or whatever its call, the bumps that absorb nutrients of the gut.

Do not order this. If I remember this correctly it was like eggplant stuffed with one shrimp. John was being open-minded and tried it out. In my perspective it was this overly deep fried, nearly burnt entirely eggplant. When you bit into it, your mouth would be gushing with hot oil. You would not need to put lip balm or gloss after eatting this dish.

I believe this was green onion pancake? It tastes similar to Korean pancakes.

My favourite Shrimp Dim Sum , Har Gow! It was soo good!

Fish Dish, I can't remember what it is called but I remember mentioning this on the link that I have posted above.

I think this was squid or octopus? No one really touched it.

Calamari? It was good.

Shui Mai was good.

More Har Gow for me. Yes Yes! :D

Mango pudding was unforgettable! It was sooo good! Next time I go to Rol San, I'm getting 3 of these!

Double dipped in Beer Batter Onion Rings at 3 Brewers! It was good but I was full at that time. Beer makes everything taste better! And yet it tastes like urine....not that I have ever tasted urine before....

I think this was my friend, Sonny's order of a hamburger.

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