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Monday, May 16, 2011

Food from John's Birthday, Forum Bar, Rol San, 3 Brewers

Catch up Blog #4

My boyfriend had a birthday party which lasted 3 days long to ensure he had provided a fair chance to all his friends to attend.

Enjoy the food photos! :D

Forum Bar's Menu

Forum Bar Foods

Chicken gizzards... ahh. I have grown to like this dish. Initially, I didn't like this dish due to the texture. The flavour and texture improved after a couple of shots of Soju.

I noticed the Duk Buki had glass noodles in it. Cool!
We accidentally spilled beer into the Korean Spicy Rice cakes, Ddok Buki and it was a happy accident. It tasted soo good.. with beer! :D

Dried Snacks. Dried Squid with mayo and Soy Sauce is actually pretty good!

Forum Bar is in Korea town, near Christie Station.
I rate this bar, 3.0/5.0.

No information was found on Google.

Rol San, a dim sum resturant on Spadina. I have blogged before about this place! Go to for more information.

Deep fried tofu with Shrimp. It was good!

Turnip patties were awesome as always! You should try some :D

Egg Custard Buns. I haven't gotten a chance to try these but they looked good.

Tripe. It was ok but I didn't like the textures of the pilae or whatever its call, the bumps that absorb nutrients of the gut.

Do not order this. If I remember this correctly it was like eggplant stuffed with one shrimp. John was being open-minded and tried it out. In my perspective it was this overly deep fried, nearly burnt entirely eggplant. When you bit into it, your mouth would be gushing with hot oil. You would not need to put lip balm or gloss after eatting this dish.

I believe this was green onion pancake? It tastes similar to Korean pancakes.

My favourite Shrimp Dim Sum , Har Gow! It was soo good!

Fish Dish, I can't remember what it is called but I remember mentioning this on the link that I have posted above.

I think this was squid or octopus? No one really touched it.

Calamari? It was good.

Shui Mai was good.

More Har Gow for me. Yes Yes! :D

Mango pudding was unforgettable! It was sooo good! Next time I go to Rol San, I'm getting 3 of these!

Double dipped in Beer Batter Onion Rings at 3 Brewers! It was good but I was full at that time. Beer makes everything taste better! And yet it tastes like urine....not that I have ever tasted urine before....

I think this was my friend, Sonny's order of a hamburger.

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