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Monday, May 16, 2011

Korean Cold Noodles

Catch Up Blog #4

It was a hot day so my mom made me and John Cold Noodles! It was quite refreshing and good. A warning about this Korean dish, this dish is quite healthy, light and your body digests with ease. You will be hungry 3 hours after consuming this dish.. just to let you know. This is great if you're on a diet or you're looking for foods that may help you loose weight.

This dish is pretty easy to make just by looking at the photos or by following instructions at the back of the package like instant ramen.

Cold Noodles are pretty much instant. You boil the arrowshoot noodles for a few minutes. Do not over cook them! And then you make the soup out of the stock which comes from the packages. Add the stock in a large metal bowl with cold water and ice cubes. Add red pepper paste. If you desire, you may add wasasbi (also comes in the package) and garlic powder. Stir well until the red pepper paste had dissolve.

Chop cucumber and slice a hard boiled and arrange it in the bowl of noodles however you like. Add the cold soup and you're done! You're ready to eat! :D

Hey, my bowl of noodles looks like a face! Do you see it?

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