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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Korean Glass Noodles

Hello everyone,

My boyfriend was craving for glass noodles. We were suppose to cook this dish together but we got occupied and weren't able to do so. What's weird was, on the next day my aunt cooked up a huge tupperware full of glass noodles. I guess.... it wasn't meant to be... to cook glass noodles that day...

Thank you Emo (An Aunt on your mother's side of the family in Korean)! You such a great cook! I love pretty much all of her cookings.

One day, I need to make this dish on my own.

I must warn you:

1. This dish or any Korean dishes like Bibim Bap with assorted vegetables require tremendous time and patience. I probably need to prepare the vegetables the night before. @.@

2. This dish is light and digests quickly so you will be hungry 2-3 hours later if you're only consuming this dish.

3. This dish goes bad fast. Consume it entirely the next day.

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