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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Niagara Falls's: The Grand Buffet

Catchup Blog #5 is it?

Here are some of the photos that were taken at the Grand Buffet.

Cabbage Roll, lentil soup and creamy sweet potato soup. The cabbage roll wasn't that great. It was very sweet and the tomato sauce tasted artificial like.. Heinz tomato paste.... but what can I expect from a buffet, eh? I usually get the creamy sweet potato soup but it really hits the spot. You can really taste the butteriness and the cream in this soup.
Now I'm just randomly craving for cabbage rolls even though these ones weren't that great! Hmm.. Cabbage rolls stuffed with basmati rice, herbs and ground beef.
Lentil Soup was good. I like it because it was light and hearty.

Hmm, the sweet, potatoey creamy sweet potato soup! :D

White aged Chedder mac and cheese wasn't at its best that day. I recall it was better the first time I had this. I love Mac N Cheese!

Cherry Pie

Blueberry Pie
Blue Berry Panna Cotte was delightful as always. I think I had 3 of these!

I keep on forgetting that the Grand Buffet's Cheesecake should be avoided. I didn't like it. It tasted fake. That's all I can say about this cake.

A regular Panna Cotte!

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