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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ten-Ichi Japanese Cuisine

Hello Everyone,

I went to a sushi buffet with my friend's family. We had reservations to be at the Teppanyaki seating area where we can observe the chefs cook and grill right in front of us. :( It was pretty disappointing we didn't get a chance to experience it but there will always be next time. :)

We started off with some mango roll, sashimi and spicy something.

Beef was medium rare. It was very chewy and ok.

I think I ate 3 shrimp tempuras.

The grilled shrimps were ok.

Alex the manager was really nice. After he learned about the reservation error, he tried to compensate by providing us free watermelon punch and priority to our table.

To our surprise, it was really good! And you can tell that they added real watermelon to the blender. You can taste it and see that the continents are separating if its not stirred. I would like to decipher the recipe to this water melon fruit punch. I am guess fruit punch, ice, sugar and slices of watermelon?

Meh, I'm not the biggest fan of Teriyaki's Salad that comes with every combo.

Sashimi was fresh but I didn't like the fact that one of my sashimi pieces wasn't scaled properly. I was like, what is this crunchiness? Tempura flakes? **Michie checks what is is** Its fish scales... =.=

Hand Roll that me and Irena shared. So how do you eat your handroll? From the Top or from the Bottom?

A better shot of the hand roll.

Irena's father wanted a shot of the manager and him. Random customer wanted to be in the shot too. Alex the manager was so nice!!!

Do you ever have dreams about food? I got this one dream I frequently get especially when its that time of the month and craving kicks in. I dream that I am in a place that appears to be heaven. I'm in the sky with a cloudy floor. There is this never -ending table with a red table cloth over it. And there is never-ending food on the table. EVERYTHING I can possibly imagine from exotic fruits to cheese cake to my favourite dishes and assorted junk foods. Well, I got another dish to add to the collection. Salmon Belly Sushi!!!!!!!!!!!
It was the bestttttttttttttt!

How do I describe this delicious, extraordinary sushi?!
Its like Salmon sashimi but more delicate, tender as jello but melts in your mouth like butter and has this rich and creaminess in your mouth. I wanted to transform into a cheerleader, pump my pom-poms in the air and cheer that Salmon Belly the tasiest thing I've ever eatten this year!

I know now what to order the first thing when I get to Ten-Ichi Japanese Cuisine the second time. They just call it Salmon Sushi but I know deep in my heart it was Salmon Belly Sushi without googling it. I saw this on the anime Great Teacher Onizuka when this female student was bullying the teacher to get her very very expensive sushi. Then I learned that salmon sushi that are thickly marbled are fattier and more priced in the Asian market. I also learned that Salmon Belly, Toro has a fatty layer that is quite visible.

I'm sorry. I'm can't stop rambling about Salmon Belly Sushi.

Soba with an egg based sauce. Henry said it was pretty good.

Its so pretty!!!
My salmon belly. Too bad I only ate about 4. I was too full and this was ordered near at the end of the meal. Next time, I shall order 20 of these at the beginning of the meal.

The grilled mushrooms were fantastic! I love mushrooms!

Did anyone watch that South Park Episode with Creme Fraiche? lol.. I didn't try Strawberry Creme Fraiche but perhaps next time.

The fish was great!

More sushi!

Chicken on Skewer. This is pretty much a chicken lollipop to me. It was really sweet like the ones that Galleria Market sells.

I had creme brulee and mango yogurt. Henry told me to drink the yogurt in one gulp because it tastes better. I didn't really know the difference from eating it with a spoon but it was really good!

Don't order the creme brulee. It is pretty much a steamed egg at the bottom with a carmelized, burnt surface on top. I had way better creme brulee.

I rate this place 3.5/5.0.

Minus 1.0 for the reservation error.

The staff and manager was trying so hard to have a pleasant experience. He even shook all of our hands and apologized several times about the reservation error.

The food was great. I was happy!

The environment could have been a bit better. I felt that I was sitting too close to everyone. When I tried to slip out to use the washroom. I was trying to pass through my friend's mother's chair and another customer's chair and my cupcakes got stuck in between them. This wouldn't have happened if I sat close to the teppanyaki seating area.

Would I return to this place? Yes! Despite of all that has happened, I would definitely return to this place for my salmon belly sushi.

For more info:

Scroll to the first image

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wakame Sushi

Hello Everyone!

I also visited Wakame Sushi last week. To be frank, I am a bit disappointed in the quality of the sushi that they served last week. I have been here during their grand opening and the quality of their sushi was better. It was sort of my fault that we arrived late and they were transitioning from lunch to dinner hours. So John and I had 45 mins to gobble down the sushi as much as possible. The sushi chef smartened up and gave us... RICE! and massive amounts of rice in our sushi.

The usual Miso Soup

Seaweed Salad! Yum!

Fried Eggplants

The army of Salmon Sushi

They are marching closer!

You can see that the chef packed the sushi with a lot of rice. Some of the Sashimi of the Sushi is suppose to trail on the plate as the tail to dip into the soy sauce.

I don't think I ever want to eat another Sushi Pizza unless its at Nami. The roe tasted like gasoline.

John ordered Beef and he thought this was the best beef in the world. I wonder if this was better than Coppa Cabanna Meat.

This was suppose to be Chicken Wings but I would have called it tempura-ed Chicken Wings. lol

John decided to have ice cream from the Ice Cream Man near by an elementary school. I swear to God, I did not distort this picture. This is as it is.

I rate this specific experience 2.0/5.0 but I would give Wakame Sushi another chance because I believe we came at the wrong time. They pretty much wanted everyone out by 3:00 so that they can have their lunch break which is understandable.

The waitress was friendly and nice.
The environment was alright and clean.
The food was blah.

For more info:
Wakame Sushi at Sheppard at Bathurst st.

Tel: 416.631.0505
638 Sheppard Ave West, North York, ON M3H 2S1

The Drake Hotel

Hello Everyone,

A couple of days ago, my friends and I went to The Drake Hotel near Osgoode station. The setting of the restaurant was really niceee!

Ugh, I uploaded the pictures in the wrong order again. But once you read this entry, you will understand why I have uploaded this cute, funny picture of mushed peas.

The setting of this restaurant was executed well and well-thought of.

Sonny ordered the Mac N Cheese.

4 cheeses, herb bread crumbs + chili broccoli $16

I ended up getting greedy and order that in the end. It was sooo good! I initially thought it was weird that they have used spiral pasta for this dish and not elbow pasta. After you tried this dish, you will understand. The swirliness of the pasta somehow contribute to the rich, creamy taste of cheese spiraling into your mouth over again over again. Hmm.. Maybe it was the way how I ate it. This dish had really made me wondered how they cooked their broccoli. It was firm and crunchy. Hmm. Perhaps stir fry? I need more time to decipher this Mac N Cheese Dish. The chilli sauce went alright with the broccoli. I guess I wasn't really used to dipping my broccoli in a sauce.

Irena ordered the Drake Burger

white cheddar, Perth bacon, Russian dressing, pickle + hand cut french fries $17

I didn't get a chance to taste it but I recall Irena saying that it was a good burger but it wasn't the greatest burger. I need to update this section why she believed it wasn't the greatest burger. We saw the pickle and we started talking about Snookie. The fries were good! The buns looks so good. It was topped with sesame seeds. I love sesame!

I think John also ordered the hamburger.

daily catch, mushy peas, Ezell’s sweet slaw, tartar sauce + hand cut ff MP

The Fish and Chips were good! It tricked me because this dish does not make you feel satiety once you're done. It took about 15 minutes for me to realize that I was full but it was too late. I have ready started eating my second dish, which were the Mac N Cheese. I know. I eat a lot for a small girl. I like the fact that they gave me a huge slice of lemon. I never really enjoyed the flavour of a lemon until last year. The fish was hot and crispy and my fries were the same as everyone else's.

Take a good look at these mushy peas then look at me and take another look at these awesome mushy peas! (Imitating the Old Spice Guy) They were the best mushy peas/green pea slaw or whatever I've ever had!!!!!!!!!!!! I can eat this everyday!

I would rate this place 5.0/5.0.
Good customer Service? Check
Waitress was knowledgeable? Check
Manager dropped by for feedback? Check
Unforgettable food? Check
Beautiful atmosphere? Check

The only thing disturbing was that Mrs. Claus was there dining with her friends. LOL! It wasn't really Mrs. Claus but there was this woman who laughed like a female Santa Claus and it was really loud. Even another group of ladies sitting at the table next to us had to exchange comments about this laughing women with us. It was hilarious!

For more info:
The Drake Hotel

1150 Queen Street West Toronto