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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Drake Hotel

Hello Everyone,

A couple of days ago, my friends and I went to The Drake Hotel near Osgoode station. The setting of the restaurant was really niceee!

Ugh, I uploaded the pictures in the wrong order again. But once you read this entry, you will understand why I have uploaded this cute, funny picture of mushed peas.

The setting of this restaurant was executed well and well-thought of.

Sonny ordered the Mac N Cheese.

4 cheeses, herb bread crumbs + chili broccoli $16

I ended up getting greedy and order that in the end. It was sooo good! I initially thought it was weird that they have used spiral pasta for this dish and not elbow pasta. After you tried this dish, you will understand. The swirliness of the pasta somehow contribute to the rich, creamy taste of cheese spiraling into your mouth over again over again. Hmm.. Maybe it was the way how I ate it. This dish had really made me wondered how they cooked their broccoli. It was firm and crunchy. Hmm. Perhaps stir fry? I need more time to decipher this Mac N Cheese Dish. The chilli sauce went alright with the broccoli. I guess I wasn't really used to dipping my broccoli in a sauce.

Irena ordered the Drake Burger

white cheddar, Perth bacon, Russian dressing, pickle + hand cut french fries $17

I didn't get a chance to taste it but I recall Irena saying that it was a good burger but it wasn't the greatest burger. I need to update this section why she believed it wasn't the greatest burger. We saw the pickle and we started talking about Snookie. The fries were good! The buns looks so good. It was topped with sesame seeds. I love sesame!

I think John also ordered the hamburger.

daily catch, mushy peas, Ezell’s sweet slaw, tartar sauce + hand cut ff MP

The Fish and Chips were good! It tricked me because this dish does not make you feel satiety once you're done. It took about 15 minutes for me to realize that I was full but it was too late. I have ready started eating my second dish, which were the Mac N Cheese. I know. I eat a lot for a small girl. I like the fact that they gave me a huge slice of lemon. I never really enjoyed the flavour of a lemon until last year. The fish was hot and crispy and my fries were the same as everyone else's.

Take a good look at these mushy peas then look at me and take another look at these awesome mushy peas! (Imitating the Old Spice Guy) They were the best mushy peas/green pea slaw or whatever I've ever had!!!!!!!!!!!! I can eat this everyday!

I would rate this place 5.0/5.0.
Good customer Service? Check
Waitress was knowledgeable? Check
Manager dropped by for feedback? Check
Unforgettable food? Check
Beautiful atmosphere? Check

The only thing disturbing was that Mrs. Claus was there dining with her friends. LOL! It wasn't really Mrs. Claus but there was this woman who laughed like a female Santa Claus and it was really loud. Even another group of ladies sitting at the table next to us had to exchange comments about this laughing women with us. It was hilarious!

For more info:
The Drake Hotel

1150 Queen Street West Toronto

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