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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kenzo Ramen at Yonge and Steeles

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, I went to Kenzo Ramen, the one located close to Yonge and Steeles. I went to the one near Dundas Station during their grand opening, and I don't think I would be returning there again. I recall vividly my experience there was horrible!!! I felt they did not give me enough ramen noodles and the broth was very salty in my personal opinion.

My boyfriend and I watched a movie called, "The Ramen Girl" on Netflicks. It was one of the stupidest movie I've watched but there was some soft food porn scenes that teased us so bad that we were determined to go to Kenzo Ramen immediately. The ramen looked so good in the movie! I personally wished there was more interaction between the actors/actresses and the food but this movie mainly focused on Brittany Murphy, the Ramen Chef and their language barrier.

I can't remember exactly but one of the scenes was like:

Brittany Murphy: Corn, isn't it beautiful? *She shows the Ramen Chef some corn nibs in her hand implying it would be beautiful in the ramen*

Ramen Chef starts flipping out and breaking corn cobs in half violently.

Youtube trailer of the movie:

The restaurant near Yonge and Steeles was great as usual. It was packed with people when my boyfriend and I had arrived there. We were lucky we didn't have to wait 30 mins in line for a seat like the couple behind us! They are CLOSED on TUESDAYS just to let you know. They also came up with two new ramens that are NOT on their menu. I recall it was Tonkotsu ramen and a hearty looking ramen. Sorry, I forgot what the other one was called.

This is their ramen shop. Cool layout, eh?

Here is an idea of their menu. There is another gigantic Kenzo Ramen poster of Specials on the walls.

John had Netsu Ramen. I have tasted the broth. It was a light broth with a zingy kick at the end. He ordered it mild so it wasn't super spicy.

Close up shot!

I ordered the Miso Ramen! I LOVED it! I would recommend everyone to try it! When I tasted the broth, it was a bit thicker and richer broth than the Netsu's broth. There were fire crackers in the air as if something excitingly important such as a first kiss just happen all over again. Of course this review is extremely biased due to the fact that I am a huge fan of miso/fermented soy beans. I just kept on stirring (miso tends to sink to the bottom) and slurping.

I wish I had a bigger piece of a Naruto!

Korean BBQ Grilled

The tacoyaki was soo good!
NOTE TO SELF: Eat it about 10 mins after it is served unless you don't mind second degree burns on your oral muscosa.

Ah, you can see the lovely bonito flakes! They move because of the heat from the tacoyaki balls.

I would rate my experience 4.5/5.0. The restaurant was clean, presentable and the theme of the enviroment was appropriate. The food was tasty and filling. I was pleased with the amount of ramen noodles they gave me. There was only one waitress but she was friendly and attentive. My boyfriend spent about $40 for the two meals so bring money if you're going to go there and order side dishes.

Kenzo Ramen Japanese Noodles
6180 Yonge St (south of Steeles and Yonge)

There are two more Kenzo Ramen Restaurants, for more info go to

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Dat said...

Love this place. My wife and I went for 2nd time tonight. Googled it and found your post w/ these nice pics to share with our family. We forgot both times to take pics of our amazing food. service was super friendly. place needs to expand. too small. thanks for the photos!!