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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hello again,

This is my third time blogging today. OMG.... I really need to find some other hobbies other than things related to food or else I'm going to become pretty chubby.

Anyways, I went to the Ecolodge with the young people. The food was pretty good! Better than the Gunner's Grill.

I have ordered the Ringer's burger as the people recommended. The burger meat was bison. It was described by the people as lean meat. When I took my first bite, it had the texture of ground beef and looked just like ground beef but more pale. The taste of the burger had the after taste of a mild lamb. Sorry but this is the best I can describe the bison burger. It was pretty good. I also would recommend it to people who are burger-lovers and are open-minded to try it.

I took photos or pretty much everyone's meal.

Cranberry tea was pretty good. I don't drink tea/coffee but this was pretty good.

The cranberries were pretty mushy but it was alright.

Sorry guys, I uploaded an upside down photo. A platter of chips and toasted pita breads with creamy spinach dip, mango salsa (mint was used) and I can't remember what the last dip was...

Cesar Salad

House Salad with Almond Extract

Ribs, fries and coleslaw

Close up shot

Steve's Philly Steak and fries looked sooo good, OMG!

Natasha's Maple Salmon Steak

My Bison Burger!!!!

I ended up not eating the buns. They were soo thick!

They had cool chairs so I took a shot. Its real wood that isn't entirely processed. I thought that was creative.

Ecolodge's dining room

I rate this place 4.0/5.0 based on the types of food in this area. Unfortunately, the food and other restaurants are not that great up here. This place lost points on superficial things like the washroom was only halfway lit up, and some dishes appeared overly cooked. Unfortunately, you need to make reservations in advance to eat here.

Environment had a strong theme of nature going on and it was clean
Customer Service was excellent
Food tasted good, quantity & quality was fair just need to work on presentation
Price? Everything is expensive here. I would say bring $30 or over.

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