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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fake KFC and home cooked foods

Hello everyone!

My boyfriend came to visit and I decided to treat him out to KFC and Pizza Hut. It was a long walk in the dark. There is not a lot of street lights up here so it is kinda scary to walk during the night. I made it to the KFC/Pizza Hut joint and ordered a 10 piece chicken dinner which came with large fries, gravy and a side dish of large potato salad. I also ordered a family size (looks like a large size in the photo) vegetarian pizza which was pretty disappointing. Everything was expensive after seeing the quality and quanitity of food that is provided and their asking price. I would rarely eat out at this fast food joint. The food did not taste that great either.

The fake KFC chicken in the bucket.

LOL! My co-worker, Natasha was right! This was the actually bucket the chicken pieces came in. I guess someone wanted to save money by not using the corperate bucket with the official KFC logo on it.

John and I had made poutine but I have added too much black bean sauce to the gravy and ended up tasting kinda like Jja Jja Mein sauce. Oops!

The brownies were so good! :D

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