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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Community Potluck

Hello riceballs,

Sorry I have not blogged for a while. I have recently injuried my back and everything I do is pretty painful.

*Michie flushes the toilet* Oh my Freakin back hurts!

*Michie sneezes* Oww! That hurts!

I have taken my back for granted for all these years!

Anyways, when John was here for a visit, we decided to go to a community potluck. And oh boy, I have never seen so much moose meat in my life!

I have cooked Korean Glass Noodles and initially, no one was interested in because it appeared foreign, weird and different. Someone kept on saying, "Those are seafood noodles!"

LOL, that sounded bizarre to my ears because technically, they were potato starch noodles and this dish was vegan. I didn't add in any fried eggs.

The way this was setup was that the seniors were the first ones to the table and picked whatever they liked. The very first person was a senior lady and she took a bit of the glass noodles. The rest of the people after her stared at the noodles and talked about the weird noodles. 90% of them did not try it out. I saw one of my patient's family member and she asked me what I have brought and promised to try the noodles. It's a small community here and I see my patient's family member when I do my groceries or go to the mailbox and etc.

John and I were pretty open-minded and pretty much took everything except for mashed potatoes. By the time we were at the table some of the good stuff like chicken drum sticks were all gone. However, we had plenty of moose meat.

As John and I ate, John poked me and signaled to look to my far right. About 20 feet away from me, the patient's family member pointed at the glass noodles on her plate and given me a thumbs up. After that, I saw a huge group of people going for their second round to the table and my glass noodles were all gone!

Random people approached me. They didn't say Hi or what's your name. They boldly asked, "What are the Spices in your noodles!? It's so good!"

To your right, there is bread aka bannock. It is pretty much a dense bread. Traditionally, the people bake the dough of bread wrapped around a stick and they put the stick near the fire.
To your left, there is potato salad. To your far left, there is ground moose'n Mac,Korean Glass Noodles, and coleslaw.

A better shot of the Moose N Macs.

Beef meat balls in tomato sauce! I wonder who made this, these were great!

This is Moose Dumplings.
*Michie* I wanna taste the moose dumpling!
*Michie takes a bite* Hey, there is no meat!
*John* Maybe you need to dig deeper to get to the meat
*Michie takes another bite* there is no meat in the middle. I think this is the way its suppose to be! Apparently I was right, Moose Dumpling are cooked in Moose stew and its pretty much a ball of bread.

I would describe the moose meat tasted very earthy when I first took a bite of it. After my third bite, I was unable to distinguish between beef and moose meat.

Chunky Moose Stew

Chicken Drumstick on top of a bed of rice and veggies

Moose meat! It kinda reminded me of Korean BBQ because there was some black pepper in it.

Turkey and Gravy!

Mashed potato

I can't remember what this was but I'm guess another person made mashed potato?
OMG! Who ever made the spaghetti was pretty good! This is my plate.

John's plate...

John requested to get him a cup of moose stew.

I don't think that was soup but the fat from the meat.

John and his plate

Me and my plate

A meat ball... I should have taken a photo of the moose dumpling when I have taken my first bite of it.
John and I we walked back from the community hall to home. It started snowing.

I'm telling you, its really scary to walk near my place. There are no street lights. This is the main road.

Dirt Road

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