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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ecolodge #2

Hello Rice balls again,

This is my second blog of the day.

I'm trying to catch up on my blogs. I see that I took a lot of photos...

I treated John out to the Ecolodge. John was enthusiastic about trying the Bison Burger aka The Ringer's Burger. When I first tried the Bison Burger, John had a Bison burger too but in Toronto. I wonder which one John liked better? Toronto Bison meat or the free running lean Bison meat up here?

This was my second time eating out at the Ecolodge. I wanted to try something new but was unsure what to order.

They changed the centre piece to make things more festive. Too bad they didn't light up the candle.
Their huge Chalkboard menu. Sorry about the Flash guys... If you want a close look, please click on the photo.

I tried applying Mr. Shortt's 9-zone grid concept here...

John's Ringer Burger

Close up shot.. Can you see the Onion Ring?

The fries were so good!

Fried Haddock and Fries. It was good but I had better.

Ah, texture!

I didn't finish my coleslaw. I don't know why but I don't really like coleslaw in general.

The tartar sauce was really good and they had provided me with a very generous amount!

Am I making you drool yet?

John's Bison burger became messy.

I ordered the Pecan Pie. Please note how plain it looks.
Presentation: White plate and Pie....

A close up shot....

John's Coffee

John's Triple Chocolate cake or whatever its called.
He got 2 scoops of ice cream and chocolate syrup drizzled all over this dessert and plate, oh wth? I got a piece of pie on a plain of clean white plate.
Next time, I am going to stick with ordering the chocolate cake. At least I know that it would be more worth it ordering this than any other dessert!

This was sooo good! *Drools*

2 cute snowmen and a nutcracker

This is real!

John is browsing in the library. There were so many old books like, "The babysitter's Club" and "Sweet Valley High". Ahh, childhood memories.....

Freee muffins in the library

A close up shot

I'm guessing that the muffins are really sweet.

Aboriginal art on a fungus, isn't that neat? Dr. Krawlis has something very similar to this one.

I asked if I can check out the hotel rooms and take photos. I'm such a Photo-whore.
Well, if anyone is interested in staying here its about $200/a night.

Their lamp were cool. This one had a bear craved into the lamp shade.

Everything is natural and made up of wood. Cool!

Even this chair!

Look at the details!

I wish I can read First Nations' writing.

This one had a beaver carved into it.

These are their awards they pride themselves with. They received many awards.

The entrance

John was so sweet to make me a drink when we got home. He used Kalua, grey goose, milk and a lot of vanilla ice cream. Damn! I should have listened to him and purchased Chocolate ice cream. Since Vanilla ice cream had a mild taste, all I tasted was the vodka which was gross. Next time, John we will make it right!

However, doesn't that look great? My colleague Robyn lent me her champagne glasses... I still need to return them to her.


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