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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Late Entry: Cultural Food Festival Summer 2009

Hi Guys,

I'm getting too lazy now.
I realized that I got some serious catching up to do with my blog. I think I posted all of my photos on FB before I started this blog and then I took them down.

There was this Cultural Food Festival in Harbour Shore in Downtown. I pigged with with Holly.

Fried bread! This was the first time I was physically exposed to fried bread. I had always wanted to try some after watching the movie, "Smoke Signals" in Grade 9. My teacher, Mr. Mathai, the best grade 9 teacher in the world wanted to expose some First Nations culture to the kids because he felt this was important since there is little in Toronto. It was a good movie to watch.

I liked my fried bread plain. ^.^

Super Kid Ice Cream is the best. This was Nestle Brand if my memory is correct. Has anyone tried Laura Secord's Super Kid Ice cream? It tastes so processed but it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Churros were pretty good too. Its pretty much a deep fried donut. There was a fact sheet in front of the stand. I can't recall exactly which culture it was from but it said somewhere along the lines, Sheppards eat Churros all the time. They go up to the mountains and they only had open fire to cook with. So they would make theses Churros with all these lovely toppings ^.^. The man behind the stand was like "Would you like Icing Sugar or Chocolate?" I was like, "BOTH PLEASE!" There was a more fancier but of course more expensive churros they sold in the stand. I wasn't able to afford it but they made the churros in a way that was hallow in the inside. They stuffed it with chocolate... or was it cream?

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