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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Late Entry: Rainbow Sushi

Rainbow Sushi is one of my favourite Sushi restaurants. They have a buffet menu and a la carte menu. What is memorable about this place was the salmon bellied that was fried. It tastes like happiness to those who are fish lovers. Unfortunately, I did not take a lot of photos but I will when I return to Toronto. I will snap lots of shots, I promise :D

Why did I only take a photo of miso soup? This is highly unlike me. I usually take several photos. I must have been sick that day or something. lol.

Ramune! Japanese Soda with a glass marble in it. You have to drop the marble to create a hole in the spout to drink. Its kinda hard to explain.

I purchased two pairs of chopsticks for my boyfriend.

This place is a few blocks from John's place. It is one of the well known Phillipino restaurants in Toronto. This place is always busy. When I was there, Everyone was staring at me and John. Me and this random other Caucasian man was the only minority there. Then the owner (who was Vietnamese) approached me herself and asked me if I was Korean. Then Random staff members started speaking to me in Korean, it was funny.

Ah, my favourite! Halo halo! My culture has a dessert that is pretty similar to this. Halo Halo is pretty much Ice cream, red beans, white beans, jelly, coconut, purple yam, milk, condensed milk, shaved ice, kidney beans, chick peas, tapioca and macapuno strings (like coconut).

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