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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Late Entry: RIP:Deep Blue Fish & Chips

OMG! I'm in such disbelief! I was googling the address to this place and on it states that this place closed. This is so sad.

They had great Fish and Chips! I went to visit this place in 2009. I recall when I went to use their washroom, their lights of their washroom was not working as well as the entrance door to their washroom. Now I have to go look for another place to eat Fish and Chips in Toronto... *Sigh* They had great mushy peas which I would miss greatly!

I ordered the Traditional English Style Battered Halibut with Green Pea Hummus . It was excellent! ^.^

LOL! My boyfriend's fish looks weird but it tasted great! John had the Cajun Corn Battered Haddock with Fries.

This is where the restaurant used to be at.

749 Broadview Ave
Toronto, ON M4K 2P6
Neighbourhood: Riverdale

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