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Friday, January 20, 2012

Agra Fine Indian cuisine

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Hello everyone,

This is my second blog of the day. My boyfriend and I planned to visit here because he purchased an Entertainment book which had a coupon that could be applied here. We walked all the way from his place to the restaurant and we worked up a big appetite .

Outdoor menu was useful! I'm one of those people who will just read menus if they are posted right in front of the entrance.
It appears that a very powerful man such as a sultan is exercising his power in this art piece? I'm just guessing.
Table set up...
Appetitizers... I love the licorice flavored carrots.
Does anyone know what's it called?

We noticed that the women had no footwear and their toes were bleeding from walking directly on the ground. I initially thought it was some form of manicure but these women's toes.. their entire toes were red. Correct me if I'm wrong.
See? Red Toes...
Vegetarian Samosa!
I love these! I always wanted to learn how to make vegetarian samosa but one of my colleagues who is South Asian said that these are actually really tricky to wrap. Perhaps when I'm on Stage 3 or 4 lvl of cooking expertise. I feel like I'm only on level 2 at the moment. I don't even know how to wrap a dumpling yet. For those who haven't tried a Samosa yet, this is a MUST! Its not spicy or has a super strong curry flavour. Its a pretty mild, herby appetizer. Inside are potatoes, peas, and other vegetables and herbs. The red sauce is sweet. I am unsure what it is exactly but it goes well with the samosa.
I ordered the Butter Chicken which was great. The thing is.. I never experienced bad butter chicken in my life. Did anyone experience bad butter chicken?!

John order Beef Rogan Josh (Comes in Lamb or Beef). John said that the sauce was embedded with grounded lamb which was cool.

Fresh Plain Naan.

A tea candle to keep the food warm. Extra points for presentation!

Garlic Naan! My absolute favourite! It makes plain Naan look like flavourless bread.
Yum yum!!!
We ate everything even the sauce! We were so full at the end. John and I were taunting each other that we will have room for Jetsuns burgers. Welp, we hit the "Naan Wall". I teased John we should walk all the way home to burn the meal off. It took us about an hour to walk to the restaurant.

I rate this place 4.0 out of 5.0. You gotta keep in mind that Indian dish such as butter chicken comes in a small bowl and it does not come with a lot of chicken pieces. If you want a lot of Butter chicken, go to this restaurant or Little Indian during their lunch buffet hours. The server was friendly but it appeared he had a bad headache that day. Environment was good. The restaurant was dimly lit, a lot of art pieces. It was too bad that there weren't a lot of customers in the restaurant. It was just my boyfriend and another couple. The Washrooms were clean and well equipped. Food was great! Quantity and quality of the food was fair . I would definitely come back again with more people.

For more info visit:

They have an online menu

AGRA Fine Indian Cuisine
4850 Yonge Street (North of Sheppard)
North York, Ontario
M2N 5N2

tel. 416 222 7500

Tracking ID: UA-29871304-1

1 comment:

Pumpkin said...

Hi Michelle,

great review! My husband and I are avid foodies and I we both love Agra for Indian food. Like yourself, I'm a big fan of garlic naan (I do agree plain naan tastes like nothing after having the garlic ones)

We usually love going to dinner as it's quieter (and more romantic)

In regards to the art pieces, the women's feet are not bleeding. It's a decorative thing Indian women put on their feet. It's sort of like henna but for your feet. They usually line the bottom portion of their feet with that. I think it looks quite nice after I've seen an Indian friend of mine with it on.