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Friday, January 20, 2012

Bangkok Garden

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Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone had a good winter break and are getting excited for Toronto's Winterlicious which is just around the corner!

Yesterday, I treated my boyfriend out to Bangkok Garden Restaurant near College station. While we were waiting to be seated, we picked up a guide of Winterlicious. The Bankok garden restaurant was listed as one of the places that were participating in the event. It was a fine dining resturant. This was our second visit. What brought us back was the magical Tom Kha Gai, a Thai Coconut milk chicken soup. The first time we had this soup, it was soo good, how should I describe the taste? A light coconut milk based soup with Chicken pieces, parsley, white button sliced mushrooms and a dried chilli pepper for an extra tickle in the throat if desired. When you take the first sip, you can tell that there is a lot going on in this soup and the recipe requires 20 ingredients (which is true if you do your research of this soup recipe). It feels like this soup left your mouth with sparkles. I am looking forward cooking Tom Kha Gai in the future!

I have some bad news guys. My camera broke. The battery door compartment does not close any more >.<

I really need to buy a new Canon Camera.

I ordered theTiger Shrimp Rolls (Goong Haaw) as my appetizer.

John Ordered the Thai calamari (Pla Muk Thod).
A close-up shot of the perfection of crispiness!
Coconut Chicken Soup (Tom Kha Gai) arrived! I wish I actually had two dried chilli peppers in the bowl. One pepper didn't do it for me.
I am drooling right now.. like Pavlov's dogs.
Oh dang it! I really couldn't get a better shot. Sorry guys but you're going to see more blurry photos.
On your left side is the dried chilli pepper but I wonder what type of Thai spice is the one on your right side? I don't think it was edible but I ate it anyways just to learn about the spice. It looked like a dried green onion that was purple. When I placed it into my mouth it felt like a slim, fiberous celery but it had a wonderful fragrance and flavour? Is this bottom of the lemon grass? Does anyone know?
The blur is killing me....
Snow Peas, Baby Corn & Mushrooms
To me this was just Stir-fry vegetables with fermented soy beans.
A bowl of plain steamed jasmine rice.
I ordered the Pattaya Grill (Gai Yang) . DO NOT BE FOOL BY THE ONE PEPPER ICON. The grilled chicken tasted like grilled chicken. It was fun using the lettuce as a wrap with the given veggies, chicken dipped sauce and steamed jasmine rice and eating with your hands. The sauce was fine. There was a lot of parsley in the sauce which I loved. However, at the end of the meal, I had about 3 - 4 chicken pieces left. I felt like someone suddenly lit my face on fire! I looked at the sauce and I noted the pepper seeds. I was alright with it. My boyfriend laughed when I excused myself a couple of times just to wash my face. I was sweating bullets! LOL! I swear to God the sauce just creeped up on me.

I believe John ordered the Siamese Beef (Nua Yang) . It came medium rare. John was trying to disgusting me by boldly pointing at the uncooked meat in the centre and chewing it as if he was a penguin eating fish. lettuce, carrots were disappointingly all dried up. I thought the carrots were almost dehydrated and I thought maybe it is suppose to be like that. Then I recalled my first visit where everything was fresh including the garnishes.

I ordered this last time. Creme Brulee, the irresistible burnt sugary top and at the bottom which tastes something in between vanilla pudding and kind of have the texture of jello in a way. My orange was sadly dried up.
I'm so sorry about the blurry photos!
John wanted to try something different and ordered the Sticky Mango Rice for dessert. It was really good! When our desserts were compared in terms of quantity, he won! This dessert came in a large bowl.
You can make out the sesame seeds..a little bit...
Flash was too bright.
Just plain blurry...You can make out the rice.
Their temple was so colourful. Neat!


I thought this was interesting because it was different from the other two masks. But scary. By the way, did anyone hear about the Monkey in japan who is a server in a restaurant? The monkey wears a mask initially because he is shy infront of the new customers. I watched it in a show called, "Turning Japanese"
To watch a video of Fuku-Chan Serving:

To watch a clip of the show Turning Japanese where Fuku-Chan wears the mask:

This monkey even has a Facebook account, lol!

I rate this restaurant 4.5-5.0.

Atmosphere is very clean, has a good theme of cultural masks and small but yet colourful, viberate temple in the corner and servers wearing cultural shirts. Washroom is clean, well-lit but only has one washroom for both ladies and gents. The Sever was friendly and was keen on refilling our water (I hate trying to get the servers attention for a refill). Where they really lost a whole point were the vegetables. They were fresh when I first visited this place but yesterday, the vegetables that were used in the dishes were disappointingly stale and dried. Other than that, everything else was excellent! I would recommend this fine dining restaurant to anyone who love spicy and mild food. Not everything on the menu is spicy.

Bring $100 or more for 2 people.

For more information go to:

Bangkok Garden

(Near College Station)

18 Elm Street, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5G 1G7


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