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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dinner: Korean Seaweed Soup + Steamed Chestnuts

Hello everyone!

Hope all is well!

Today, I had seaweed soup and steamed chestnuts for dinner. I originally went to a Chinese Supermarket because I needed Okras but when I entered, I just couldn't stop looking around since I haven't been around Asian produce for the longest time. I prolly appeared crazy on the security cameras going back and forth in the fresh produce section. I halted when I saw chestnuts!

I was dreaming about chestnuts for the past week. I was craving for that Korean creamy popsicle Bam Bam with chunks of chestnuts in it. It is awesome!!! It would be more awesome if I got my hands on an ice cream maker so I can make my ice creams such as Avacado Ice cream, Apple n Cinnamon Ice cream, Green Tea Ice cream, Earl Grey Tea Ice cream, Taro and Purple Yam Ice cream and Chestnut Ice cream!!!

I need to start blogging more about Asian Frozen treats.

Anyways, Korean seaweed soup is a healthy dish. I see this dish often in Korean dramas when one is sick or after a mother had given birth.

I see often that the seaweed soup recipes in Youtube are fried or cooked first but I like to add seaweed right at the end after I make the broth. I realize that I felt more energetic from eating pretty much raw seaweed which makes sense because heat denatures protein and all the good nutrients.

seaweed soup with a lot of garlic

Steamed Chestnuts!

After a while, I stopped cutting Xs into the chestnut shells. It was actually pretty labouring cooking the chestnuts but they were so good at the end!

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