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Monday, February 27, 2012

Breakfast - Miso Soup and Dinner - Priest Burger

Hello everyone!

Today I had a healthy start with a huge bowl of Miso Soup. John didn't have any breakfast.

For Dinner, this is what we had.

That's my cheeseburger peeking out. John and I had to see what this Priest's Burger place was all about. We kept on reading it on NOW magazine/newpapers. It was voted as the best burger in Toronto.

If you enjoyed a Johnny Rocket's burger, this burger joint takes burger to another level. The burgers here are so fresh you can see the red meat in the kitchen area. By the time the burger arrives in your mouth, it just crumbles in your mouth. That is how fresh it is!

John and I arrived at a perfect time to get seats because there were none by the time we got our burgers. It is a very small restaurant with about 10 seats?

John's Priest Burger! OMG! It was soo good!

Another shot of the Priest Burger.

Chilli Cheese Fries were really good! I was surprised it wasn't salty.

It's melting so beautifully on the fries!

My beautiful Cheese Burger. I think I should have gotten double cheese burger. I couldn't taste the cheese.

The onions were cooked perfectly!

Cool atomphere with a bibical scripture on the wall.
Clean spacious washroom.
Good service. The cashier worked really hard that night when we visited because a swarm of customers came after. Someone came and made a $60 order of burgers. o^.^o
Excellent Burgers that crumble in your mouth! :D

I would give this hamburger joint 5.0/5.0.
I would reccomend this place to everyone but vegetarians. I didn't see any vegetarian options but cookies and onion rings. I would definitely return to this place again!

The Burger’s Priest
3397 Yonge St.

Tracking ID: UA-29871304-1

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