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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cow's Feet and A Beautiful Fish

Hello everyone!

I am in the middle of a very long process of cooking sul lang tang / seolleongtang which is beef bone soup. The type of beef bones that are required: Cow's Feet.

This was my very first attempt cooking this dish so I made a few mistakes which was correctable. *Whew!*
My very first mistake was, I thought all I needed was ox tail bones because that is what I recalled my father using. Then I realized that he was cooking he was cooking Kkori Gomtang (Korean Oxtail Soup). Since I have a lot of Rice Sticks/Rice Noodles (to cook pad thai and pho ) in the cupboards, I extracted the beef broth from the boiled ox tail and freezed it in an empty ice cream tub and in a glass jar. I also lacked one giantic radish and green onions. I went to Korea town so fast today and they were having a promotion/sale. If you spend $20 you get free box of Mini Melona melon flavor. If you spend $30 or $40 you recieve something that's better and tastier. I can't remember. Since it was a weekend today, they were providing free samples of fried dumplings. If the customer decided to purchase the dumplings they promoting, the customer would recieve a free korean ice cream bar or a box of them? I wasn't able to make out exactly what the bonus free product was because a group of young ones were engaged in a serious discussion of debating which desert to choose. If you are hungry just step into a korean market during the weekend. If you go to Galleria, you probably get full on free samples of dumplings, kimchi, ramen, fruits, juices, teas, korean BBQ, fried mushrooms and more.

My second mistake was, I should have left the pot boiling on low heat for 12 hours but I couldn't in the enviroment I'm in. So I had to boil the bones for 4 hours for 2 days so far. I looked at the bones and the marrow hasn't entirely disolved yet. Grrr....

I have never cooked with bone before. I read about the foamy scum that floats to the surface. People, the scum was disgusting. I thought I was going to pass out while scooping it out! During the first hour of boiling beef bones, the pot was fuming the horrible stench of death.

Frozen cow feet straight out of the package. Ew....

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This radish was HUGE! It almost thick as my head and its length was from my elbows to my wrists.

Ox tail which was boiled from last night.

A close up shot of one of the cow's foot bone after I boiled it for the first 10 mins to get rid of impurities.

Some of the fat I've scooped had some scum it is but you can't see it in the photo.

The broth is slowly turning milky white... YES Finally!!!

You can see some of the marrow fat accumulating on the right side of the photo.

The broth is almost white as snow but not white enough. I dumped back the ox tail.

I'm not done making this soup. One more day to go. I hope I finish this by tmr morning.

Tito Ramil's Sinigang flavoured Fish! It was so awesome the fish meat just melted in my mouth! It was that goooood!

A close up shot of the fish stuffing.. I wish I had more stuffing cause I couldn't get enough of it!

I really need to bug Tito Ramil how he made this.

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