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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kim Bap #2

Hello everyone!

I made kim bap again but this time, I was really lacking ingredients. I used whatever I found in the fridge...and I found fresh cream cheese! I haven't had cream cheese for about 7 months now? Holy crap! I remember I used to be a huge sucker for bakery bagels and their fresh cream cheese. I would come 07:45 hrs on the dot to my local Bagel shop because that is when the freshly baked bagels would be riding the conveyor belt ready to be disturbed on the shelves accordingly to the type of bagel they were.

Anyways, back to Kim Baps.

I went to the Korean Market and purchased fake crab meat, and fish cakes. I also used dam mo gee. You can't see the the cream cheese very well.

My boyfriend decided to imitate me and I quote him, "this was a wonderful delight in my mouth. The crunchiness of the pickled yellow radish contrasts the smoothness of the fresh cream cheese. I would rate this Kim bap 9.0/10.0" I laughed at him soo hard!

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