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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kim Bap

Hello everyone.
I never rolled anything in life because I was never good at it. However today I made some kim bap. For those don't know, Kim Bap is like Korean Sushi with no raw fish. The only thing close to fish is canned tuna or fish cakes.
There are several different types of Kim Bap but I decided to use whatever was in the fridge.
One time, I was working at my mother's workplace and someone working there had purchased kim baps in some korean market. There was one with ground beef which was interesting. However, the kim bap that stood out prominently was the one with cheddar cheese. It almost appeared pretty alien to my eyes.
Cheese? This is just weird!
When I took a bite of the Cheese kim Bap rolled with fish cake, spinach, carrots and egg, it worked out to be alright.
Today,I have incorpated Cheddar Cheese into the kim bap because I felt that I was lacking ingredients. I had no fish cakes and to me, that is one of the best parts of the kim bap.
I sprinkled toasted sesame seeds on top. However, you will not see it in the photos.

It's so pretty! I wish I had more spinach1

I used the wrong type of seaweed but hey, it worked!

Triple the egg! I love eggs! I also added a lot of carrots because I chopped quite a bit a couple of days ago.

It was my very first time making kim bap but I rolled it up too loosely. :(

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