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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sul Lang Tang & Tibetan Cookies, Kapse

Hello everyone!

I finally finished making Sul Lang Tang!

I watched my Tibetan friend and her family make Kapse, a deep fried cookie for Tibetan New Years. She said that red and green are traditionally used to decorate the cookie. She taught me how to create Tibetan patterns in the cookies which was really neat.

I added the radishes to the sul lang tang. I scooped up the scum that came from the vegetables.
Sul Lang Tang is pretty much done.
I was too lazy to take the photo of my bowl of soup. However add salt, black pepper. If you would like, add minced garlic or garlic powder and hot red pepper flakes.
My friend was such a good teacher as you can see!
They used oil mixed with food colouring to brush on the cookies. At first I was thinking, "Will the colour actually show?" because the colour appeared faint and pretty translucent when it was initially brushed onto the cookie. After making more cookies, I looked at the cookies that I made and the colour became darker within a minute.
My friend's cousin did this. She says the skinny ones taste the best.
I think I made those.
Kapse on a big plate ready to be deep fried! :D
Looking at these reminds me of pasta.

Uncoloured Kapse when they are cooked. Don't they look great?

They taste like funnel cakes. When you bite into the Kapse, the centre looks like bread.
Kapse being deep fried...

Kapse being dried on newspaper. When I saw how much was already made, I flipped out! It was suppose to be for 9 families?
A sea of cookies! I swear to God, it was so cool looking at it. It looks like sea urchins!
The lotus flower like pattern was the most challenging one that my friend taught me but I got the hang of it.
I really did not expect the colours to be this bright. I wish I had experimented making more patterns.
A fresh batch done.

That's the horizontal line pattern I mentioned before.

Round one to eat later.

These were so good!!! :D

A part of the altar. This was suppose to be on top of the altar if my memory is correct.
My friend asked me, "What do you think this is?"
Michelle: It's a Paw!
Dechen: What did you say?
Michelle: A Paw!!! You know.... Grrrr!
Dechen: Oh! Hahahah! No, its a turtle which means longevity.

I am unsure which part this goes on the altar.

I can't remember what this dish was called but its curried potatoes. It was soo delicious!

There was a purpose why my friend placed two slits on the circle dough. We ripped off the pieces to wrap it around the curried potatoes.
It was so good but my friend had to stop me from eating too much. She was shocked how much bread I gobbled.

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