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Friday, March 2, 2012

Dinner: JJa Ja Mein House/Roll House

Hello everyone!

For Dinner, I ate out near Christie Station. After being at Snakes and Lattes for more than 6 hours, I was famish.

It literally says JJa Ja Mein House (Black Bean Noodle House, a place that specializes in Black Bean Noodles)

Front View of the Restautant

Side dishes came in flower petal shaped little bowl-plates...

Miso Soup for John's rice. I'm so sick of miso soup by now.

Black bean paste which is used fo dip raw white onions.

Raw White onions

Kimchi Radish

Seaweed Side dish. It tastes sour and sweet.

Dam Moo Gi. Yellow Picked radishes

Potato side dishes sprinkled with sesame seeds. It is fried with soy sauce, sort of a sweetener like sugar.. and the rest.. I don't know. You need to YouTube it on Aeris Kitchen.

Seafood Soup with crackling rice!
It was so cool when the lady placed the crackling fried rice into the soup! It was like rice crispies being submerged in milk but louder!

I couldn't remember what this dish was called but I think it was like a Chicken Don buri or Karaage Don in stone pot?

This was the best Jja Ja mein everrrr!
I have been searching for a Black Bean Noodle place since the Orange Korean restaurant on Yonge & Finch shut down. This is the way Black Bean Noodles should be! It was so delicious! :D :D :D

I ordered the $12.99 combo with Tang Soo Yuk + Black Bean Noodles

I would definately recommend this place to everyone!

I would rate this place 4.0/5.0.
This place is clean, waitress was friendly and helpful, there was a call bell in each booth so you call the server and the food was delicious!

Unfortunately, I am unable to find details about this place.

I just know that it's near Christie Station and it's located along Christie Ave.

Tracking ID: UA-29871304-1

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