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Monday, March 5, 2012

Huge Craving for a Dessert....

Hello everyone,

I had a high craving for dessert...

It all started with Mini Melona Melon Flavour. It was 75 calories per bar.

I had a small slice of Ube (purple yam cake). It was good but the frosting had the texture of playdough and it was very salty for a frosting.

Then came the rambutam...
This was my second time trying this fruit. My first time wasn't too pleasant. I think John gave me a spoiled Rambutan so I didn't like it at my first attempt.
I looked up the nutritional facts in regards to fresh rambutan and I wasn't able to obtain a consistant nutritional fact chart.

From 3 pieces of Fresh Rambutan
Total Carbs 18 g
Calories 69

These spikes are harmless.

I had a yellow mango. It was so sweet but it was a messy cutting it in half! :D

Tita Emy taught me how to eat the Rambutan. Make a slit across the fruit enough to make an opening when the edges of the slit is pushed as seen in the photo.

Peeled the shell off and it looks like Lychee.

It tastes just like Lychee! It has a white inner seed.

If you haven't tried Lychee before, Oh boy, you're missing out! Rambutan and Lychee have tender, fragile fruit flesh. I really don't know how to start describing these fruits. When you bite into it, juicy sugar water will rush into your mouth. It literally tastes like sugar water with a mildly faint tangy flavour (sometimes).

As Marge Simpson says, "Fruit is Nature's Candy!"
Someone carved a banana into the shape of Marge Simpson! I wondering how he/she did this.... Fascinating!

I could not find a suitable picture of Marge eating or holding fruit but I found this.

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