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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Napoleon (Russian) Cake and Kill Doctor Lucky

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, my bestie came to visit Toronto. Her grandmother made Napoleon Cake, which was awesome! It looks flaky but it's a soft, slightly chewy, creamy cake and it's not sweet (my cavities ache when I consume something very sweet).

It's layered with the custard and pie pastry?

My friend's grandmother gave me some of the cake's custard but I forgot to take it from my friend's place. *Sniff Sniff*

Then we played one round of the game, Kill Doctor Lucky. Thanks Sonny for introducing me to this game. This game becomes more challenging the more players there are.

I played the lady with the poison that night.

We all agreed the White Room was the most racist room. Then my friend pointed out there was a Lavendar room which was even more racist, lol!

This was the card that won the game. Alina won.

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