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Monday, March 12, 2012

Pizzaiolo, Snakes & Lattes and Chicken

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Hello everyone!

My diet is driving my crazy! I think its the fact that I am reducing my calories and I am more aware of what I eat, it making me crave more junk food.

Yesterday while I was on the subway with John, I asked him for some pizza. And I ended up influencing John to have some as well.

John and I have agreed he can only eat pork on pizza. It was horrifying in the beginning of our relationship how much meat he consumed on a daily basis.

I was hoping to order a veggie pizza but Pizzaiolo near Bathurst Station only had cheese pizza at the moment.

It was really good!

John's favourite pizza, pepperoni.

We played for about 5 hours at Snakes and Lattes. We played this game again.

Yes! We are horrible people!

We played a game called Evo/Evolution as Cesar reccomended. It was a good game. It was like a Zombie game (where there are Zombies spawning on the map and a group of human characters trying to kill the Zombies) but with Dinosaurs. It involves the Dinosaurs fighting, birthing, moving and surviving the climate changes. I would totally play this game again but next time I go to Snakes and Lattes, I need to stay for the whole day.
I plan to play which I have never played:
1. Ticket to Ride (Original, Europe, China and Nordic Countries)
2. Risk
3. The Settlers of the Stone Age (made by the people who made The Settlers of Cattan)
4. Clue
5. Power Grid: Factory Manager
6. Twilight Struggle

Auction Board for Evo.

Our individual dinosaur boards.

John was red

I was the lavender vegetarian dinosaur

The strawberry milkshake was great!

I really wanted the razzberry cheese cake but I avoided ordering it. It was really hard to watch one of the girl who invited me and John describing how good her cheesecake milkshake was. She said it tasted exactly like a Razzberry Cheesecake but in a milkshake form.

My frothy strawberry milkshake.

The main board game for Evo. As you can see, you need a large amount of space to play Evo.

We had our fun and it was time to go. We couldn't help notice this store called "Secrets from your Sister"

Apparently, they sold maternity bras.

Today's Breakfast: I had to finish chicken marinated in the weird sweet ginger sauce. I didn't like it.

I add barley to my rice for some fibre. John and I plan to start eating brown rice for a change.

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