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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What I ate today and.. Is there a Cheese Doctor in the House?

Hello everyone,

It's getting close to midnight and I can't sleep. So I'm blogging away as usual.

This is what I ate today....

I returned to Roll House on Christie. This was my Brunch. I had a lot of tasks to complete today so I was on my feet all day. I was hungry by 1pm.

It came piping hot!
I love green peas. I wish I had more....
Later on, I had Cho Bap, whole wheat bread and this mysterious cheese. To avoid confusion, I will call this Mysterious Cheese #1.

Is there a Cheese Doctor in the house?

Cheese Doctor is an inside joke between John and I. I keep on mentioning this glorious mysterious cheese #2 that this girl I met from Middle school had given me. Her name is Amanda and she had offered me some cheese and crackers and insisted it was delicious. I tried it and it was wonderful!

If recall this correctly, this mysterious cheese#2 was white-ish yellow and had mold on it. I cannot remember what colour was the mould.
I was like ewww, but it has mold on the cheese! Amanda said it came like that and the cheese isn't spoiled. The texture of this mysterious cheese #2 was maliable like the photos I have posted. The only thing that makes me believe it was a different cheese was that this mysterious cheese was sorta of sweet, creamy and melted in your mouth. It was that soft! The mysterious cheese #1 I ate was also maliable, creamy and melted in your mouth but this one was salty.

Anyways, back to the inside joke. John was fusterated and said, "I'm not a cheese expert, Michie."
I said something corny and quirky " I wish I can place my stethoscope on the cheese and know what type it is! There should be a cheese doctor!"
Then I dragged on the joke, "The cheese doctor will be like, 'I am more than a Cheese Expert, I am the Cheese Doctor. I have a PhD in Cheese.' And the cheese Doctor flashes his/her diploma in engraved into aged cheddar. "

Does anyone know what type of cheese Amanda would have possibly given me?

I really don't know too much about cheese. I guess one day, I'm going to plan to visit the cheese shop on avenue.
You can dab hard into the cheese and pull some.

I found a cute cheese cartoon.

Good photo of different cheeses.

I found an interesting link with good cheese photos:

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