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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Don Don Izakaya

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Hello everyone!
Yesterday, I went to Don Don Izakaya which was on Dundas and Bay. It's Guu's competitor.
We stepped in and the Japanese staff in Japanese clothing and they started drumming on a drum and screamed out, "Welcome" in Japanese.

This is what we ordered.

 The Shrimp looked appealing on the menu so I decided to try it out. 
 John has a thing for Jalapeño Peppers. 
 I also ordered the udon and John ordered the teriyaki hot dog . 
 We sat right in front of the grill and the male staff looked like an anime character. Anime hair with anime eyes.
 I love it how the kitchen is open so you can watch people make your food. 
It was really clean. 
 The bar

 Sake Tasting

 It was soy sauce dispenser. 
 John's beer was actually really good. It wasn't anything like the big 3. It tasted like mild, smooth beer. 

 More meat on the open flame grill. I noticed they used special grass which was on the right side. You can't see it. John was explaining it was used for flavour. 
 This was sooo delish!   :D :D :D
But it was heavy to my belly. I had a bowl of oatmeal before I ate out so I got full pretty fast. If I return to this restaurant with an empty stomach, I would order 2 of this shrimp dish.  
 Double Battered Shrimp with Mayo, pickled ginger, parsley flakes.... It looks beautiful on the plate with the red contrasting with the green. When I took a bite, there was this moist warm succulent taste of shrimp in your mouth. The shrimp had a clear taste and when I looked at the shrimp, it was cleaned perfectly! No Shrimp grit, it was just perfect! It wasn't too bland, it wasn't too salty it was perfect! 

 Just blogging about it makes me want to run back to Don Don. 
 Beef Bowl was pretty good too. I don't know what they did but they are good at bring out the flavour of the meat. Like how they did with the shrimp, they brought out the flavour of the beef very well.  

 Yum! Sesame! 
 Jalapeño Pepper poppers

 Sauce for the peppers 

 The teriyaki hot dog.

 It was really good. I have not had a bite of a real sausage since June 2010. I was glad that I have tried the teriyaki hot dog. The onions retained the flavour of teriyaki sauce very well. 
 Creamy Corn and Chicken Udon. This was VERY filling. 
 I ate half of it and was like,  "John... I'm full."

 Surprise Surprise! There is chicken inside the popper. 

 The hog dog.
 Next time we visit, we will try this!  :D 

 We spent $45 which was pricey but we walked out with our bellies full of tasty food. 

 John went to Korea town and got me walnut cake. He got me red bean and potato flavor. I prefer to potato ones (Its just the filling is potato and sugar). Sounds gross but its actually really good. 

 Boong Oh Bang! John got me green bean and red bean filled fish shaped cakes. We were talking about the modern flavors. Now there is cheese and meat filling. 

It was so good! Nom Nom Nom!!!!!!!!!!!

Mon - Thur : 11am - 12am
Fri : 11am - 1am
Sat : 12pm - 1am
Sun : 12pm - 12am

On Dundas and Bay
For more info look at the photo of the receipt.