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Saturday, April 7, 2012

It all started out healthy again... and there was Mariko!

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April 7, 2012

It all started out healthy again. I had the same breakfast as yesterday. Seaweed soup with quinoa.

John treated me out today and we went to Mariko.

Apparently in the middle of our sushi buffet dinner meal, I pointed out that this place was Mariko. John could not believe his ears. Apparently, the one near Dundas was horrible and the one at Bathurst and Bloor (where we ate) was great!

I pretty much took photos of everything I ate.

The place was empty when John and I entered but in about 30-40 mins, this place was PACKED!

I love seaweed salad! Yum!!!!!!

Chicken Yakitori

One squid tempura for John.

They made it like the way I like it. It did not have too much batter. I have came across some sushi buffets where I order shrimp tempura and it looked like a white christmas tree. Holy moly, so much tempura batter! I ended up having to chop the tempura branches off.

Round 1.... FIGHT! (refer to Street Fighter please)

The salmon sashimi was pretty good. Fresh, juicy, soft and beautiful.

White Tuna Sashimi was ok but it wasn't fresh. It tasted frozen and dry.

John's fave, spicy salmon roll.

I think John ordered the Spicy Salmon handroll and the Shrimp Tempura handroll. Not too sure.

Sweet and Sour Chicken. It just tasted sweet to my tongue.

Which photo is better?
With the Flash?

Or no Flash?

I personally thought that this was the most beautiful photo I have taken in the restaurant. Check out that lusterious glaze. If you stare at it hard enough, maybe you will see your own reflection. ;P I know. I'm corny.

Chicken Yakitori for John.

1 calamari Ring for John.

Round two.... FIGHT1

Salmon Sashimi my fave!

Egg sashimi was weird to me. I would describe it as... it tasted like cake without flour. Seriously! I personally didn't like it. I was expecting a plain fried egg but did not anticipate there would be sugar in it.

*Michie took a bite of the Mackerel Sashimi and pushed it toward John*
John: "Bad Peachie! (Pet name is currently Peachie)"
I was curious, I order it and I didn't like it. I knew that Mackerel is a very fishy fish but apparently it tastes pretty much the same when its raw. Super fishy! I didn't like the texture of Mackerel sashimi. It was toughy, fibery and very fishy. I love cooked mackerel but don't think I can tolerate it raw.

John's fave: Spicy Salmon roll. It was delish! :D I usually avoid eating rice at sushi buffet. I was taught by a friend that I should be selecting the most expensive item on their menu which is: Shrimp, Sashimis and eel. You don't want to spend $20 and be filled up on Rice and udon if you want your money to be worth it.

Miso soup . I can make this at home with the snap of my fingers. Miso soup isn't so exciting for me as it was 3 months ago.

Salmon belly. I can't remember what it was actually called in Japanese but it was Salmon Y------ and it was located at the bottom right side of the menu. I first discovered this lovely dish at Rainbow Sushi located at Bathurst and Lawrence. I was very pleased to see that this dish was also served at Mariko. John's option of this dish was that the sauce was too sweet and it over powered the salmon flavours. I thought this was pretty good and ordered Salmon belly twice.

John loved this Grilled Mackerel. He said that he enjoyed the natural and plain flavours from the fish.

Banana Tempura was lightly battered and my cavities didn't react to them. It was good for me but others may say it wasn't battered enough or it wasn't sweet enough.

Green tea ice cream. I missed you so much! ;P

Cool painting! You can see John's silhouette.

Based on this experience alone, I would give Mariko on Bloor and Bathurst 4.0/5.0. Yes, it was that good! And I would return again! The place was clean, servers were friendly, generous and attentive. They kept on filling up the tea and water. They knew what they were doing. The menu had a good variety of dishes.

For more information:

551 Bloor St. W.
Toronto, ON
M5S 1Y6
(416) 516-3030

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