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Saturday, April 7, 2012

It started out healthy and then there was W Burger Bar

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April 6, 2012
Hello everyone!
So in case for those who did not know, I have entered into an exercise/health competition. I only have 3 months left before we all judge each other "Survivor" television style.

It started out healthy today and then there was Burger Bar.

Plan A was to hit up Guu the Japanese Bar Restaurant but there was a 2 hour wait, no reservations and we were all starved. We all decided to formulate Plan B and quick.

Jeff recommended Burger Bar which was close by and so we all walked there.

Home made seaweed soup with quinoa to replace rice

Steamed Chinese eggplants. I made it too raw.

Steamed Broccoli, Gabe's favourite veggie

Grilled Cheese sandwich

W Burger Bar

Someone couldn't resist ordering Blue balls, lol!

Lookie, it's Snookie's food, Fried Pickles! LOL! My bestie actually tried that in think in Quebec.

Jeff recommended getting the watermelon fish bowl which was superb!

And so I did!

Yum! Poutine!

John had like what? 10-12 toppings or condiments on his Burger!

Shawn had egg and cheese sandwich bc it was Good Friday. His poutine was awesome.. it eventually became mine! :D

My strawberry cheese cake. I wasn't too hungry bc I ate before we hit the bar.

We didn't order this but their nacho or chip and dip looked pretty good and interesting from afar. So I snapped a shot.

Shawn gave me his poutine. Ty Shawn!

I would recommend this place to the general public and rate it 4.0/5.0. They have some vegetarian options which is nice. I saw some seniors eating here. I can't imagine what their reactions were when they read the alcoholic menu, lol. Example some of their shots were, "Satan's Piss and Blue Balls." No jokes. See the photos for yourself if you haven't.

I liked the atmosphere. It was a cosy restaurant with a flat screen tv for those who loves to watch hockey and other sports. Overall the place appeared to be clean and well taken care of.

The server was attentive, helpful and nice. This place isn't as pricey as 3 Brewers so its a great place to go to those who have a budget.

For more info:

W Burger Bar:
10 College Street.
Toronto Ontario, Canada.
Phone (416) 961-2227

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