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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pancakes for Breakfast.

April 8, 2012
John made me pancakes.
I put on the fruit toppings with agave. Agave syrup IS sweeter than maple syrup. I hit 2 birds with one stone. Or should I say 3 birds?
Agave is sweeter than sugar
Agave has less calories than sugar
Agave has a lower glycemic index meaning it won't send your blood sugar rocketing sky high like sugar does.

I like this brand of Agave syrups because it comes it a large bottle. I had never come across another carrier that sells this much !!!
I got this from a local WINNERS for only $12.99 for 920 ml bottle.
I think that is a pretty good deal considering this is a health food.

The visual explanation of the GI meter. Great for diabetics!

I wanted to use a handful of red razzberries but wasn't too sure how to arrange them. I ate them all and left 2 for the centre of the pancakes. It ended up looking like red-yellow flowers on my pancakes.

I'm trying to remind myself to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

It was delish with the agave syrup! I didn't require much as the last time I had pancakes with maple syrup. Well, I won't be needing maple syrup anymore.

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