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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NYC Food and Fashion Trends Part 1

Hello everyone!

I hope all is well and everyone is enjoying the weather. I know I would be having a lot of fun underneath the sun this summer with work.

I had recently visited New York City! Yes! The city that never sleeps! I did some sight seeing, shopping and definately ate out.

First, John and I took the bus to NYC and we stopped at a convience store to grab a bite.

America has all sorts of chips, Canada doesn't.

 I know Toronto also sells HERR Brand chips but have you ever heard of Dark Potato Chips? The way how I would describle it would be slightly burnt tasting chips. I liked it but John devoured it completely.
 LOL. They look kind of burnt.
 When we got off Jamica Station, this is pretty much what the streets of Queens New York looked like. John's relative lived in the neighboring city of New York, Manhatten.

 John's relative had taken us to a Chinese Restaurant in Flushing (Where Korea town is). He said that there are only about 2-3 places that makes soup dumplings in New York. So we had to try it out. I actually tried looking for soup dumplings in Toronto and wasn't able to find any. Please let me know if you know any! :D

 The atmosphere pretty much felt like Toronto's Chinatown but better. The server were very attentive and I felt rushed to order something on the menu. The moment, John, John's relative and I sat down, a Chinese male server immediately asked, "Do you want soup dumplings?". We said, "We would like one order." Then the server asked, "What would you like to order?" I wasn't even finished browsing the first page of the menu and I told him to give us a minute. After a minute, the male server returned and I had to send him back telling him to give us another minute. John's relative explained to us that that is the culture of New York City. They want everything down in a speedy manner and everyone is like that.

 The dipping sauce for the soup dumplings. It tasted like say sauce but it with a sour twist and it had some grated ginger in it.
 I ordered Changhai style turnip cake and it wasn't what I had expected! It was alright but I was accustomed to see it as a rectangle shaped patty, not a ball. It tasted deep-fried and inside was tyhe shredded turnips. It was good but tasted meaty in the inside.
 The inside!
Beef with Green Peppers
Young Chow Fried Rice
I had some because I cannot resist the shrimp. It also had chopped pork in it too but I took out the pork.
Isn't it beautiful sitting on a bed of cabbages. I had some of the cabbage too. I guess I missed Kimchi.
He taught us how to eat the soup dumpling properly. We bad the one filled with minced Crab meat and soup. You had to nibble a small hole at the side of the dumpling, let the juice out and into the spoon, drink the godly delicious soup, put some of that sour soy sauce on shell or wrapping of the dumpling and eat it. It was sooooo good. I wanted to have a second order of the crab dumpling soup and John stopped me. He said it was too expensive. :(
Calamari with black bean sauce with Green peppers and onions. I LOVED it! :D

Catching soup into the spoon. Yummy yummy in my tummy!
Joe's Shanghai on Urbanspoon  For more Info:

9 Pell Street  New York, NY 10013, United States
(212) 233-8888
Flushing's Chinatown at night
Random shops

The convience store in Flushing's Chinatown is huge!
See the video below!
John's Relative's younger sister had reccomended us visitng Red Mango.
Red Mango on Urbanspoon
Look at all of the toppings! :D So many to choose from!
I decided to try the mango yogurt with fresh pineapples, yellow mangos and I can't remember what the orange balls were called but it was like "Poppin Balls".
The yellow mango was sour. I guess they couldn't wait until it ripened. The Poppin Balls had the texture of cavari or roe eggs in sushi. It was hard to bite into bc it would slip right in between my teeth and inner cheek. However once it was popped, it gushed out with mango juice which was interesting.
The relative ordered a smoothie.
John ordered the pomogranate yogurt with Moochi Rice Cakes, blueberries, shredded coconut, pineapple and kiwi. I dont' wanna know how much he had spent on this. It was like $0.89 per topping! I can't remember the exact price but the toppings are not free!

Red Mango on Urbanspoon
Red Mango
136-53 Roosevelt Ave
Flushing, NY 11354
Neighbourhoods: Downtown Flushing, Flushing

Beer is cheap in America! We purchased 5 beers for $10! :D I didn't take a snap shot of the Japanese Beer.

I was curious and took a sip of this beer. It tasted like beer with spring water. It was like taking a sip of fresh , clean water in the wilderness.

When did they come out with Mike's Hard Lemonade, Mike's Harder Lemonade and Mike's Hardest Lemonade? The last time I drank this was 7 years ago and it was just Mike's Hard Lemonade.
In Canada, they don't have Cheddar & Sour Cream flavour chips so I took a snapshot of it.
Chinatown in Manhatten! John's relative had specifically had reccomended us visiting Hop Kee. We were in for a bit of a surprise!

Click to see what it's like in downtown:
There are stairs at the entrance so be careful!
The Server was so nice and he immediately brought us some snacks. It was wasabi sauce which was moderately strong. Personally I don't take wasabi very well so I dipped my chip thingy sparingly in it. I think the clear orange sauce was just sweet sauce. It didn't have a particular taste to it but just plain sweetness.

I ordered 2 servings of egg drop soup. I love any type of chinese egg drop soup! It came piping hot, fresh and fast!
Check it out! It's Anthony Bordain! There were many photos of Bill Cosby. I told John that day when we were at Hop Kee that Bill Cosby was dead. I just googled it to confirm it and it was an internet hoax.
John was like, "Next time we come to Hop Kee, we will order exactly what Antony Bourdain ordered! "
Stir Fry Veggies and fried chicken underneath. You can't see it in this photo.
Fried Rice with Vegetables

This was my fortune cookie's fortune.
This was John's fortune.

We were checking out belts in Chinatown and there were flasks as belt buckles. A sneaky way to carry booze whereever you go.

Hop Kee Restaurant on Urbanspoon That day, after we were done haggling with the belt buckle salesman, we heard the sirens and near Hop Kee, there was a fire. The fire was pretty bad and everyone snapped out their camera, video cam (including me) within 10 seconds it was almost synchronized.

You can watch the footage. Click on the link below:

Everyone staring at the fire.
Cannolis!!!!!!!!!!! I always wanted to try a cannoli from Italian town. It was very expensive. Something like 2 for $5. I will revisit this when I return to Toronto.

It was pretty much a waffle like cookie shell filled with creamy goodness. I can't remember if I have tasted a hint of cream cheese it mines. But I recall, there were chocolate chips in it.By the time I have finished my cannoli, it had the same "High" effect as you would when you finish a piece of Tiramisu cake.

I ended up ordering one plain and one with the chocolate coated shell.
New York's Italy Town.
LOL! There is a strong theme of Italian gangers here but why is there Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp)?! I guess he was gangster enough to be on the collage.
Do you see what I see? There is a pair of boxers with a photograph of one's buttock imprinted on it. Oh the Italians! :D
Superhero posters.
Man cave Man cave Man cave. Someone needs to start the Woman Cave and we should set our own rules! It would probably be like:

Woman Cave Rules:

Rule #1
Same as Man Cave Rule #1.

Rule #2
May have sleepover parties inside

Rule #3
Replenish all water bottle, tea and martini stocks

Rule #4
Cupcakes only!

 I don't know, someone would have to make better women cave rules or edit the ones I have came up with so far.

We went into a gun shop and there was this scary looking rubber mask. I poked it and the face jiggled. I laughed and the Chinese men who observed this laughed too. What a scary face!
We went into a juice bar because John was parched. It was pretty empty. I cannot even remember which juice bar this was called. Funky Monkey juice bar or something like that.

This Restaurant, Red Egg looked interesting. I swear to God. With no make up on and if my hair was a bit curly in the ends, I would look exactly like this. I thought she had my face but John disagreed. I wanted to go inside but the menu was pricey. Perhaps next time we visit New York, we will go there.

They have Golden Fried Rice like in that anime Cooking Master Boy!!!!!!!!!!!
I actually tried making that dish but miserably failed. Click to see the failure.

Niffty high tech parking lots in Chinatown.

John and I were thinking about getting a message and we had to look around. We heard from the relative that it was good and cheap. I like good and cheap so why not give it a try? I never even tried to get a massage from Chinatown from Toronto!
We ended up getting the Combo A for $30 for 60 mins. I am warning you, if you don't tip New York workers well, they will let you know they are not satisified with the tip. I will mention this again later.

The roof of New York Subway station. Yuck! The New York Subway Station sucks! I swear to God, I had a heavy suitcase so I had to use the elevator. Each time I stepped into the elevator, it stinked like urine and everyone had a tissue in their hand and/or was covering their nose. In New York's public transit system, there were more homeless people visible. You don't have to be near to spot one. Some of them are morbidly obese! I am talking huuuge!
The Westwood mall.
Near Jamaica Station was a food joint where you can order at the window or go inside and it is a  convenience store.

A hot dog special ONLY FOR...............put your fingers together to the shape of glasses!

I got the Hello Kitty Sunglasses for $10 in Chinatown. I love them but the lenses are so flashy shiny!