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Friday, June 29, 2012

Don Don Again

July 29, 2012

I got Smores from Camp but I had laryngitis so I ended up eating it raw or uncooked. It was still pretty good to me! :D

 I went to Don Don's again. I was hoping to give my friend a good impression but it was the worst impression ever! We stood there in line for what felt like 30-45 minutes. There were bento boxes and plates that should have been cleared out a long time ago. We arrived at a lunch hour so there weren't as many staff members working.
 Omg, I sat in the same place as before. Right in front of the grill but this time, this time there was no handsome Japanese guy grilling infront of us. 

 I ordered Calpico which tasted like a mildly sweet, watered down yoghurt. It was alright to my taste. 

The visitor had her Perrier. 

 We ordered Crispy Shrimp with some lemon juice on it. 
 It was really good. 

 Seaweed Udon was really good! 

 I had the Beef bowl again! It was yummy! 
 I love their red pickled ginger! 

 The crispy shrimp when I de-shelled it. 

 Regular Miso Soup
 Salad was meh , ok. It wasn't anything special. It tasted like something creamy over green leaves. 
 I only ordered 3 items but I think it was the udon which gotten me full really fast. 
 Eaton Mall's Rocky Mountain Store. I could not resisted! 

 I am definitely interested in the New York Cheesecake Caramel Apple Candy! 

 I heard from the visitor that the Apple Pie Caramel Apple Candy was delicious! 

 I have a weakness for white chocolate! 

 The visitor gave me a snack souvenir from Korea! I love these!!!!!!!!!!!!
 It looks just like a Mc Donald french fry...
 and tastes like a french fry.
 I love snacks by Lotte! Childhood memories are rushing into my head. 
 It was cracked but it was really good. 
 She said Nagasaki Ramen is to die for. I will eat this at camp. 
Cheeky monkey ankle socks! :D 

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