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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kinton Ramen

 Hello everyone!

It all started again with a healthy brunch. The avocado were unripe! The knife went through alright when I sliced it but when I tried to spoon some out, it was hard!
 So I had some smoked salmon with my naan bread and olive oil. 
 I could not help it! For $12.99 I purchased a couple's mug set, Angel and Devil at One's a Chinese gift store at Vaughan Mills Shopping Mall. They got all these other cool gadgets and neat gift ideas. If you like Hello Kitty, they got Hello Kitty everything since the Sanrio Character is back in style. I saw Hello Kitty soap dish, towel racks, alarm clocks (they usually have Hello Kitty Alarm clocks seasonally), Hello Kitty pots, bowls, calculators and more.

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John took me to this new ramen shop in Toronto. The owner of Guu owns Kinton Ramen as well. In case you haven't heard, Guu is a very trendy Japanese Grill-Bar in downtown Toronto. I shamefully have not had the opportunity to visit Guu yet.
1. First time- Waiting in line for Guu. We gave up on waiting and went somewhere else.
2. Second time - Waiting in line for Guu and I was not wearing approprete clothing for the weather. It soon got chilly and I was freezing waiting in line. So we left and went somewhere else.
3. Third Time - A friend wasn't interested after looking at the menu.

@.@ omg!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, like Guu, the staff members request for your name so that it can be put on the list. They told us we would have to wait for 1 hours. We were fine with that. I wore proper clothing this times. Lots of layers so I can adjust my clothes according to the weather.

So John and I successfully got into Kinton.

Here is the Menu:

John ordered Chicken Karage and I ordered tofufurai or tofu furai. It turned out the Tofu was way better than the chicken! It was pretty amazing!
The tofu furai came with sweet tasting mayo with a bed of cabbage underneath and some shredded onions on top. 
The sauce on the karage tasted like hot sauce.
When I took my first bite, I told John it tasted just like a Mc Nugget but better! It was softer and tasted fresher. John wanted to eat my last nugget. I don't know if you can see the green vegetables inside.
The Chicken was meh.... ok. Nothing special. 
This is my order, the Spicy garlic Ramen with Regular broth. You have a choice of light or regular broth and you also have a choice of pork shoulder or belly. I asked my server how she liked it. She said Regular broth with the shoulder. So I took her advice. 

You genuinely need to be a garlic lover to order this dish. As a Canadian Korean, I can take on any amount of Garlic. Not only was there fresh grated garlic on top of the pork but also underneath the green onions. You can't see it clearly in the photos but trust me, there was A LOT of garlic. I was quite content. 
I hate the taste of pork. I never really enjoyed eating pork. But Kinto's pork in the Ramen was different. It was actually alright. 

John ordered the Cheese Ramen. Look at the amount of shredded swiss cheese! Sweet Jesus!

He actually did not like the Cheese Ramen. 
I tasted John's cheese broth. It was very mild, slightly creamy and plain. I also did not like his ramen. LOL! 

The Ramen noodles were very good! I wasn't too thrilled in regards to the broth. It tasted very plain to me. If Kenzo ramen's broth and Kinto's Ramen noodles were in one bowl, I would like to think that would give birth to something really incredible!  The Ramen noodles from Kinton were fresh, bouncy and a little bit thicker than Kenzo's Ramen. 

I enjoyed the texture of the ramen. 

I actually took photos of the washroom. It was very unique and well-thought out. Bamboo faucet with  stained mirrors with the shape of a pig. 

They actually had feminine napkins, cups and mouthwash for those who ate a considerable amount of garlic. I actually had to use the mouthwash twice but my breath still smelled like Garlic.

I was delighted in the beginning but something happened and I had to ask the manager for compensation. I found that wasn't exactly food in my ramen. They discounted us a bowl of ramen which was alright but the food was alright. The server was friendly and attentative. The atmosphere was great, creative and appropriate. I give this place 3.5/5.0. Would I come back to this place? Only for the fried tofu nuggets.

For more information:

Kinton Ramen
51 Baldwin Street
Toronto, ON
M5T 1Y9

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