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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

NYC Food and Fashion Trends Part 3

June 5, 2012

Continuing my blog.......

The NYC's public transit system was very different from Toronto's system. Their seats on their subways pretty much a long bench so there is not a fixed number of people that can be seated. I read the newspapers and came across an article a couple of years ago that they are making the subway seat in this manner to accommodate for people for all shapes and sizes.

I also noticed the people on the subway have a different mentality for public transit system. I had observed people holding on to the metal poles with tissues so their are not in direct contact. I was warned that the subway is very dirty and to avoid holding onto the poles.

If you ask for directions, it may be challenging. I asked 3 people on the subway for direction. I asked if they know the city well. They all said yes. 1 out of 3 was actually able to provide me the correct directions.
I also noted their subway advertisements are boring. How should I say this? The Toronto Subways advertisements play around with colour, humor, design and it's just more eye-catchy. For an example ads for candies, food festivals.
This was the most interesting ad on the subway. 

As per Dean's request, we went to Carnegie's the famous Deli place.

Carnegie Deli on Urbanspoon

Think of most famous American celebrity from Rhianna to Jack Nickelson. I also saw Jackie Chan and some other photos of international celebs. 

This looks familar...

This cake was calling out my name as I watched it rotate inside the display case as it was fine jewllery. I should have ordered this!

We had to stand in line for a table. It was full of people when we arrived. Luckily, we did not wait long. Only about 10 minutes. They were very strict. I was in the washroom in a coffee shop next door and the servers said everyone who wanted to be seated must be present at the same time.
Our server that day was a Chinese man named Billy. He was a nice and funny fellow. I deeply regret not taking a photo of him.

I don't know why the photos had uploaded onto the blog side ways. It was not saved nor shot this way. Sorry guys.

Soon after we call sat down, we recieved two plates of assorted pickles. The darker pickles were so sour! I prefer my pickles fresh.

Roast Beef sandwich? I cannot remember.... a friend ordered. this.

I think this may be corned beef sandwich.

Roast Beef sandwich?

This is what John and I ordered. Cow tongue and corn beef sandwich with swiss cheese. It was good but I could not finish my half of the sandwich.

Sandwich 1: Michie 0.

I wish I had my measuring tape to show the dimension of this thing! It was HUGEEEEEEEEEE!
We're all reacting to our sandwiches.

John is still reacting to the sandwich.
You can see the texture of the tongue. I got my camera on Vivid mode.
This photo is more realistic to how it actually looked.
Mykee kept os saying, "I'm French Kissing a Cow! "
I was so disappointed that I was unable to finish the sandwich. I really believed I can.
I enjoyed the corn beef but I had a hard time swallowing the Cow's tongue. You can feel the textured part of the tongue on your tongue and it wasn't very pleasant but this was my personal experience. And to add, I am not a big meat eatter.

I heard from two girls in my grade 9 class in highschool glowing about the cow's tongue sandwich but I think it was the textured part of the tongue which creeped me out. From what I recall, the girls said that the meat is very tender and it was soft, meat was sliced so thinly it's pretty much paper meat in your mouth.
John playing around with his food.
These slices of cake were huge! They felt like a brick!  Everyone ended up sharing with everyone and in the end, approximately 30% of the cake was left. Let's see 4 people ended up ordering cake shared by 7 people and we still cannot finish it.

Visiting Carnegie's was a real taste of American culture. I would return here but next time, I am going to have two people share my sandwich or order something smaller. I definately wanted to try our their Red Velvel cake but Billy told me not to because I probably won't have room for cake. Personally sandwiches aren't my thing but I would return because I was also interested in their items from Treats from the Sea.
I ended up sharing a beef sandwich because I had a feeling I won't be able to finish whatever I ordered here. I watched servers handing out plates and the serving sizes were incredibley large.
Gelfilte fish platter ....Broiled or deep fried breaded Filet of flounder ....broiled or fried flounder sandwich
They all sound delish!

 I would recommend all you meat, sandwich, and cake lovers to give this place a try when you're in New York City.

For more information:

New York's #1 Deli • 854 7th Avenue at 55th Street, New York, New York, 10019 • Phone: 212-757-2245

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