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Friday, June 8, 2012

NYC Food and Fashion Trends Part 5

Can you guess which retail store this is? 


If you said H&M, you're correct! 

We just walked past most of these retail stores. I really wanted to go into Godiva. Next time.

Omg, we are back at Uniqlo! I really enjoyed shopping at Uniqlo.
The quality of clothes were good and I purchased this Sun Block sweater. They have innovative clothes!
It's like a trendy, more high-tech Gap store with a twist of graphics.

They have plain t-shirts and some with graphics.

It's a Uniqlo family! 

Nice hair! :D 

Every Uniqlo store we visited had these Anime, One Piece graphic shirts. The first store also had Hello Kitty graphic shirts. I admit it, I purchased one girly Hello Kitty T-shirt. 
I would like to warn you , some of the remaining photos of the Uniqlo store contain bright rainbowic colours. I am not responsible if you have any seizures. You have been warned. 

For the girls, they had Hello Kitty paper bags and for the guys, they had Sasuke paper bags. For those who do not know Sasuke, he is an anime character from Naruto. 
They also had Mickey Mouse Graphic t-shirts.

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