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Friday, June 8, 2012

NYC Food and Fashion Trends Part 6

One cultural trend I saw in NYC, was that there were a lot of shwarma, pretzels and chestnut stands in the streets.
I wanted to go inside the Lindtt shop. I wanted to see if they had huge white chocolate blocks for cooking. I have no idea where to purchase them in Toronto.

\I never  heard of the clothing retail store called The Third Floor but it looks like they got nice stuff :D.

Inside the Fao schwarz, the toy shop. They got some crazy toys here. John asked an associate how much this huge stuffed animal of a pink bull dog costed. This dog was the size of John himself. The associate was like, "You don't want to know. It's very expensive."John kept on asking how much does it cost and we learned that this toy costed $300!

I actually filmed the singing clock singing but my battery on my camera died.
I was really tempted to purchase the red velvet cupcake. I had recently tried one on the day of Mother's day during work because a nurse brought 2-3 boxes of cupcakes to share with everyone. 
Last night, I was watching that Elmo Documentary on Netflicks. John arrived home and made me stop watching it because he was not interested. I thought it was very interesting how they were able to create all sorts of different types of muppets or puppets and how the voice actor of elmo got the position to play elmo. 
LOL, here is a muppet in a karate or samurai outfit on the bottom left corner. 

 This Cinderella Princess painting costs $395.00. I guess it was the artist's style of not painting the skin and the hair. 
I guess the artist changed his mind in this painting and filled in the mermaid's hair colour. 

Do you remember Roger Rabbit and Jessica? I remember when I was like 7-8 years old I wanted to be just like Jessica Rabbit. What were my parents letting me watch? It was actually my father who purchased the Who Killed Roger Rabbit video in the 90's for me. 

Inside of the Apple store. I didn't even bother going inside there. It already appeared pretty crowded.
Mykee purchased Harry Potter Jelly beans. Ear wax flavored Jelly Bean was gross.

Central Park.

It was closed by the time we walked through it. 

One thing that I have learned in New York City is that there are no public wash-rooms. There are public wash-rooms in the subway stations like how Toronto is but it is dirty! I have not gotten the opportunity to go inside one because it was out of order but you know you're near the wash-room when your nose detects a sewer smell. So we ended up going to the nearest burger joint to use the wash-room. 

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